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Le Labo

Le Labo
While their remainders can make lovely drunken bedmates, thin, heat-lamped burgers can’t compare to freshly made fat-patties still dripping with their own magic. Strangely, the same concept applies to cologne, so get yours fresh at Le Labo. Started in Soho, NYC, Labo’s a laboratory-style scent shop that concocts your manmusk before your eyes, thereby avoiding perfume staleness — a problem you’d have spent your life terrified of, if you’d actually known it existed. The store stocks 10 fragrances (3 men, 3 women, 3 unisex, 1 infant), all made from exotic botanicals like Rose Centisolia, Jasmine, and Bergamot, most of which are imported from the world’s cologne capital Grasse, France (better luck next time, Cologne, Germany).

8385 W 3rd St,
(323) 782-0411

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