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L. A. is to present-day indie rock what Seattle was to early-90s alternative — a breeding ground for bands that shape the sound of rock music immeasurably.

Enter The Airborne Toxic Event (TATE). They haven’t recorded a full-length record yet. But based upon their recent sold-out residency at Spaceland and shows at the Echo and the Troubadour, along with the heavy rotation of their single, “Sometime After Midnight” on Indie 103.1, KCRW and KROQ, it’s certain that TATE’s brand of foot-stomping, melancholic rock will soon be both revered and imitated by the masses. Taking its name from a subplot in Don Delillo’s postmodern novel, White Noise, TATE combines self-reflective lyrics and Cal Arts-educated musicians with a robust range of instruments — from a viola to a trumpet to the hood of a 1969 Alfa Romeo — creating a kind of artful distress, one that could only be birthed out of the industrial yards of downtown L.A.

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