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Sustainably Building with Aluminum

Kirkland Charles, Tim Egan and Beverly Macy

Aluminum for a Greener World

What exactly does it mean to be green? For a material or product to be considered green, it should have a low impact on the environment.

Aluminum is one such material. It is no surprise that this sustainable, recyclable, durable commodity is the foundation of the red hot movement in the green building materials space.

As public awareness grows of alternative energy sources, advanced green design and building technologies are proving highly effective in lowering construction costs and reducing operating expenses. According to the U.S. Departments of Energy and Transportation, buildings drain an eye-popping 39% of the nation’s total energy, while all t ransportation — including cars — consumes 27%.

A recent McGraw-Hill Construction survey found that between 5-10% of new homes built in 2010 are expected to be green, creating a market of between $19 billion and $38 billion. In addition, sustainability has become the investment of choice, and green building products give an exceptionally good return on investment. Extruded aluminum has the inherent characteristics essential to sustainable construction and has found a key place in the construction for several reasons — it is extremely light weight, it is aesthetically flexible, and it is inherently recyclable. This ties directly into sustainable design initiatives that the c onstruction industry has embraced.

DuraFrame Incorporated manufactures structural aluminum building components and is revolutionizing the way residential and commercial structures are being built.

Headquartered in Gardnerville, Nevada, with offices in Los Angeles, DuraFrame’s extruded aluminum offers the inherent characteristics essential to sustainable construction. The company provides a building material that is more durable than wood or steel. Aluminum as a building material produces durable lasting buildings, allows for quicker erecting times and ultimately creates environmentally responsible structures.

The green movement has truly become a behemoth that is gaining support from even the unlikeliest of supporters. From Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth to Republican California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recent Global Climate Change Summit, held in Beverly Hills, everyone’s talking about saving the planet and turning to innovative companies to lead t he way.

DuraFrame’s aluminum products fit squarely in the center of this red-hot green movement.

Building commercial and residential structures that last and using recycled aluminum as a building material is as green as it gets. The time has clearly come to climb aboard this key trend, which has taken off like a runaway train and if we don’t, it may cost us dearly.

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