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Midway Car Rental: King of the Road

Style is king in Los Angeles. There’s really no getting around that fact.

This is a city where looking good is a way of life. So when you come to L.A., you’re going to want to roll around in an automobile that reflects your personality and personal swagger. That’s where Midway Car Rental comes in. If you want to cruise L.A. in style, they’re the spot to call first.

We promise that Midway Car Rental has even got that slick Lamborghini from your favorite rapper’s new video. Rick Mullinax of Midway exclaims, “From the Aston Martin Vantage or Lamborghini Gallardo, to a Mini Cooper or Smart Car — convertibles and Southern California go hand in hand. Luxury convertibles are always in high demand! We have something to fit everyone’s taste and budget.” They most certainly do, and it’s not hard to feel like a movie star while getting behind the wheel of one of their vehicles.

Isn’t that why we flock to L.A?

Since their diverse clientele’s taste varies, they’re also willing to accommodate any taste. Mullinax continues, “We have made many dreams come true for our clients!

Whether it’s a couple traveling to L.A. for the first time looking for a fun convertible to sightsee in, or someone who always dreamed of driving a red Ferrari along the coast, we can make it happen!” Even though the cars definitely reflect La La Land’s glitz and glamour, Midway still has the environment on the brain. “Going Green is a trend that nearly every company — auto-related or not — is adopting. Midway has been renting Hybrids for years, but has increased its fleet significantly over the past two years. More customers are moving away from renting large sedans and SUV’s to asking for smaller, more fuel efficient cars, and we are adjusting our fleet mix to meet customer demands.” You can still be green and tear up the roads with one of their vehicles, and that’s quite a beautiful thing.

Ultimately though, the customer comes first, and that’s why Midway remains at the forefront of luxury car rental companies in Los Angeles. “Because we are a boutique company, we offer personalized service that is second to none, and we have the selection of cars to match our service. There are many car rental companies that do lots of things well, but there isn’t one that combines everything that Midway does in Southern California. We focus exclusively on this market, and our goal is to simply be the best at what we do.” There’s no question that they are.


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