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Get to Know Jason Bell

Jason Bell spend his life focusing on football but after getting hurt going into his senior year at UCLA he knew it could all go away in an instant. “Reality struck me then” recalls Jason Bell. He wondered if he would even make it to the NFL. Fortunately, for him he over came his injury but was still fearful that “it can be taken away again.” Bell came up with plan B. He grasped the business policies early on.

Crediting mentors that were successful both on and off the field. He is now getting certified and will focus on helping other athletes achieve their financial portfolios at Horizon Wealth Management. He found the transition from the locker room to the boardroom smooth. In part to his education at the University of California at Los Angeles, where he majored in history.

Playing a team sports gives you a foundation on how to deal with success, failure, working together and performing as an individual.

Not too different than in the business world.

One of failures Bell was forced to deal with while playing at UCLA was in September 1998, when undefeated UCLA was scheduled to play University of Miami. Hurricane Georges was looming and officials found it necessary to postpone the game until December. Many UCLA alumni, fans and students believe they would have played in the Rose Bowl that year had their winning streak not been interrupted by the natural disaster. Bell admitted that he cried. “It is harder to looking back on it now then at the time, because we knew how close were.” Bell still follows the Bruins religiously; a back injury prevents him from standing on the sidelines for too long. But, he never misses a game on TV. Football has built a strong foundation for Jason Bell after eight years in the NFL and a successful college career he has all of the necessary tools to succeed off the field as well.

His prediction for 2009 Super Bowl winners: The New York Giants.

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