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Patterns, Rhythms, Abstract Art

Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA), in cooperation with the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, announced new exhibits on display at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) featuring paintings, prints, sculpture, and photographs based on intricate patterns and rhythms and the dynamics of a bstraction.

The exhibitions are located in Terminal 1 on the Upper/Departures Level beyond passenger security screening. The exhibits are free and

o n display through March 27, 2009.

Patterns, Rhythms, organized by Department of Cultural Affairs curator Scott Canty, is on display in two locations: in the display case along the main corridor and in the hallway leading to Gate No. 2.

The artworks featured in this exhibit are designed to encourage the viewer to explore and discover distinctive and expressive patterns and rhythms. “My research for this exhibition lead me to artists who investigate the use of patterns and rhythms in their work,” said Canty. “I was seeking works that have a certain aesthetic, works that b ridge the gap between contemporary craft and fine art.” Artists Lanny Bergner, John de Wit, and Annabeth Rosen achieve this aesthetic and create three-dimensional works made from woven wire, and painted glass and ceramic. Jamie Brunson, Shoyoung Kwon, Maggie Lowe Tennesen, Marshall Roemen, and Susan Weller investigate the use of patterning and incorporate a variety of media, including encaustic, paint, silver and gold leaf. Artists Aaron Yassin and Gregory Michael Hernandez use photography to create a k aleidoscopic reality in their work.

In the Abstract, curated by Mary E. Oliver of the Department of Cultural Affairs, features art that does not represent specific objects in their figurative reality. Through color and shape, the artist gives a sense or feel for the subject rather than an exact replication. Abstract art can represent things that are not visual, such as an experience, mood, or sound.

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