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Bye Bye Jet Lag: My Blend Anti-Jet Lag Relief Emergency Booster by Clarins: A Must Have For Fashionable Travelers Ugh, nothing is worse on skin — no matter if your skin type is dry, oily, normal or combination — than stale, recirculated, airplane air! Due to chronobiological stresses — that’s fancy speak for too cold or too hot cabins, lack of movement and no fresh air — skin is always parched and dehydrated during and after a lengthy, continental or transoceanic flight so chic skin and make up brand Clarins has launched MyBlend, a customizable skincare system aimed to address individual needs, thanks to the research conducted by Dr. Olivier Courtin. You can combat the dreaded, moisture drought that comes with travelling and never be dry again thanks to the company’s My Blend Anti-Jet Lag Relief Emergency Booster cream, which is a mega-concentrated, ultra-enriched formula that comes packaged in a nifty little syringe, is meant to be injected into your Essential 4 My Blend Day and/or Night Crème Formula, which works at the deepest cellular level to combat the signs of aging. The booster cream is a restorative product and is not only for starlets being stalked by the paparazzi as they deplane at LAX, but for the businessperson, the sightseer or anyone who hates the way their skin feels after a long flight. Because of this formula, traveling no longer has to do a number on your poor, sensitive skin!

A note of caution, though! The booster is sorta like what you get at Jamba Juice. You don’t toss back the free shot of a protein boost.

You mix it into your smoothie. The same principle applies here: you inject a shot into your MyBlend and viola! Moisturized, glowing and firm skin is yours! Available for $45 at or Saks New York City locations, so nab some on your next NYC sojourn. –Amy Sciarretto Don’t Cast Your Pearls Before Swine …Crush ‘Em And Put Them In A Lip Gloss And who says that pearls are reserved solely for buttoned up, prim ‘n proper ladies? Hip and trendy make up brand Too Faced has come up with a brilliant way to reinvent lip gloss.

The line’s sexy new Girls Dig Pearls Genuine Crushed Pearl Lip Gloss will give you disco lips in an instant. Recommended for younger ladies who hit the club scene after hours or if you are traveling light and going for a low maintenance, mascara and gloss look. If you’re dancing the night away in a dark club, this gloss, which is loaded with Vitamin E, conditioning Peppermint extract and real crushed Sea Pearls, will ensure you stand out and shine on! Available for $18 in four shades — the pinky-beige Mermaid, the kiss of pink Shell, the shimmery white Pink Bling and the purplish Tropical Pink — that complement all skin tones. Pick up the gloss at your local Sephora or next month. Watch This: Gevril’s Avenue Of The Americas Glamour Watch The watch seems to have gone the way of the dinosaur, given that cell phones and iPods are all equipped with digital timekeeping capacity! But those devices, while convenient, are not accessories and nothing looks more gorgeous dangling from her delicate wrist than a classy, eye-arresting watch. So if you want to invest in a chic Valentine’s Day gift for the woman you adore, one that she will appreciate for a lifetime, then we boldly suggest Gevril’s Avenue of The America Glamour watch. The stainless steel timepiece features exclusive, gorgeous Mother of Pearl and silvered guilloched dial along with

2. 25 karats of Top Wesselton Diamonds on a Louisiana Crocodile leather band. Limited to only 100 pieces, this isn’t merely a watch. It’s luxury for her wrist. Motor City Legends Get Your Rock On…Literally!

Hoodies, thermals, rock tees, oh my! Motor City Legends is reinventing leisure wear for the jet set. If you wanna be a rock star but aren’t quite past playing gigs in dives on the Sunset Strip or if you just wanna look the part, then MCL is your nirvana! The line embellishes tees with hand-placed Swarovski crystals, silver and gold foil accents, paint-splattered, hand-died vintage markings, hand-stitched patches and other worn in detailing. Each piece is handmade in downtown L.A. at the Trendy Rags Factory and the pieces range from ultra affordable at $70 to steep at $600, thanks to the individuality of the pieces and the time that goes into constructing them. Point and click at to get your rock on. Velvet Leaf Green Is The New Black While most snooty and elitist fashionistas may think that a couture — that’s handmade — line can’t be made of sustainable, organic materials, Velvet Leaf is defying that train of thought with its modern metro designs that are as fashionable as they are ecofriendly.

Finally, “green” clothing consists of more than just tees, with VL offering a curated selection of sundresses, blouses, jumpers, shorts, trousers, enzyme-washed denim, and thermal tees. Go to www. for a peak at the line’s selections. Stacey Lapidus Making Headway Accessories designer Stacey Lapidus is proof positive that earrings and necklaces aren’t the only way to make a statement or add some oomph to an outfit.

Lapidus, a former fashion mag editor, designs standards like pyramid studded cuffs but her key pieces are her flirty, uber-chic headbands, which are best described as edgy yet romantic. Keep your tresses out of your face and fastened ever so fashionably with Lapidus’ headbands. The designer also teamed up with for The OC star Mischa Barton for a collection of cute, bohemian bands. Visit for a whole array of styles and designs. Creature Comforts: Anne McAlpin Travel Towels Getting a good rest or restorative nap on an airplane, especially in coach class, is difficult. If you yearn to make dozing on a plane a more pleasant experience and hate using the standard issue, crude blankets that are available from most airlines, travel guru Anne McAlpin, who has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show and CNN offering her crucial travel tips and advice, has a glorious solution that will markedly improve your sleep troubles while you travel. McAlpin’s butter-soft travel towels, which are constructed of veleron microfibers, are totable multi-taskers that provide a creature comfort of home and eliminate worrying who used the blanket before you. The luxe, velvety towels can double as blankets during your journey and can be easily tied into body wraps, cover ups and sarongs to sport while lounging poolside on any tropical destinations. The towels are as practical as they are fashionable and the material they are constructed from feels dreamy against the skin. Packaged in a travel bag that is tuckable into your carry on and that also has room for snacks and books, the machine-washable towels come in four rich shades, ranging from silver to plum to blue to pink. McAlpin donates 30% of the proceeds on the pink towel to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, as well. Visit for more info. No More Faux Glow Thanks To Edward Bess Love the look of bronzed, summer skin all year round by hate the orange, basketball hue that’s a direct result of self-tanners or expensive tanning booths? Never fear, Edward Bess is here. The luxe line offers a stunning Ultra Luminous Bronzer powder in Daydream and a cream, All Over Seduction shimmer in Sunlight that’ll have you looking as though you regularly sun yourself on the beaches of Santa Monica. Don’t go overboard, though. Swipe the powder on the apples of your cheeks and the tip of your nose — spots that the actual sun usually hits — as well as your décolletage with the accompanying, fluffy Kabuki brush and you’ll be good to glow.

Available at

– Amy Sciarretto

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