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Spring Skiing: Snowbird, Utah and Mt. Norquay, Canada

Spring Skiing: Snowbird, Utah and Mt. Norquay, Canada

The playground of ski resorts has proven to be the best all-over family experience for young and old alike.
Snowbird in Utah and Mt. Norquay in Banff, Canada are perfect resorts for all styles whether it’s a family destination or an avid skier favorites.

Snowbird, Utah
From beginners to more advanced skiers and snowboarders, the hill offers something for everyone and they can still meet at the bottom with an experience to share and laugh about.

The mountain has only one ski lodge but it provides various culinary delights, a children’s ski school that will give 4-year olds a weekend of a lifetime, and a spa that serves those family members who prefer not to ski. From L.A., travelers can take a Southwest Airline ( flight to Salt Lake City and a short 45-minute drive to the base of the mountain proves to be extremely convenient.

Mt. Norquay, Banff, Canada

Banff, Canada is filled with some of the nicest people on earth coupled with great snow makes for a compelling place to enjoy spring skiing. Banff is a charming town located deep in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. Mt. Norquay has been operational since 1926 and is perfect for family fun. A quick flight from L.A. to Calgary and then a peaceful two-hour ride deep into the Canadian Rockies will get you there. The skiing terrain varies from beginner to scary and they offer ski classes, childcare and guided tours.

These are two of the best mountains on earth! Both can be counted on to have good whiteout conditions and most excellent snow powder. The recession is actually a convenient time to learn to ski. The cost of airfare and lodging are reduced, service is better, and there aren’t many large groups going on work trips. You’ll find yourself caught on a mountain that feels like your own.


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