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Halcyon Blue By Val Harding Val Harding, a successful and sophisticated designer and entrepreneur who was named as Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year” for Australia’s southern region in 2007, has recently created a collection called “Halcyon Blue” that is now being distributed in the U.S. including Los Angeles’s own “elite retreat” Hotel Bel-Air. Halcyon Blue is a line of personal care products that contain numerous essential and natural oils across her product range, including mandarin, bergamot, macadamia, avocado, sesame, jojoba, peppermint, grapefruit and sweet orange and bamboo extract. In Australia, the successful collection is known as “Serendipity” and can be found at numerous high-end hotels throughout the country. Guests of the Hotel Bel-Air will be sure to not only love the products, but they will also be impressed with the fashionable and striking white leather carrying case that the products come in, which are lined with beautiful Aboriginal Blue printed fabric.
– J. Hope Casselman

United Nude
Funky, architectural footwear is the M.O. of United Nude shoes. The company, launched only in 2003 with the super sexy Mobius knee-length boot with a cut out heel, has attained “must wear” status for the well-heeled, hip ‘n sexy Hollywood set. Launched by Rem D. Koolhaas and Galahad Clark, United Nude intersects design and fashion, with both boot and pump heels turned on their side for a futuristic vibe. The brand’s shoes are available in London and New York, so if you’re on you’re headed overseas anytime, be sure to pack some extra room in your suitcase for a pair of United Nude shoes.
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Kimberly McDonald: Beyond Diamonds
New York City-based designer Kimberly McDonald was the curator of a fine jewelry collection for 11 years when she realized that something was missing. “There was nothing that was bespoke, organic, chic and stylish that appealed to me,” McDonald, who claims to be inspired by the life, energy and beauty of nature, admits. “I began working with some of the materials that I loved and tried mixing rough and fine in a way that had not been done before.” McDonald’s steadfast belief in that fine jewelry is meant to be personal that its wearer connects with. “It is a talisman,” she says.
“Mass produced jewelry for the sake of consumption, to me, is the opposite of luxury. It’s common and lacks character.”

Glams up Vanilla with Vanilla Noir Line While vanilla may have the reputation of being a pedantic, almost common scent, mass merchant Bath & Body Works is upping vanilla’s luxurious quotient with its spicy, warm and ultra-glam new Vanilla Noir collection, which features Signature Luxe products.

High Maintenance Hair No More
If you’re tresses are suffering from stresses, especially from travelling to sun-drenched or dry locales, then Carol’s Daughter, a line favored by Jada Pinkett Smith, offers some creamy ‘n dreamy, paraben-free remedies for your limp locks. Black Vanilla Herbal Shampoo smells buttery and moisturizes like a dream while the Black Vanilla Hair Smoothie is an intense conditioning treatment that dry strands will drink like water. Available at Sephora locations.

Made Her Think’s Romantic, Rock ‘n Roll Edge
Brooklyn-based jewelry designer (and new mom) Meredith Kahn may live on the East Coast, but the rebelliously and roughly romantic accessories of her Made Her Think line have created a sensation on the left coast.“It’s ironic because I definitely think MHT is more popular in L.A. than in New York,” Kahn, who effectively merges feminine touches with edgy chic because she thinks girls and women today feel more empowered than ever.

Shower Fresh and TSA-Approved
Most fine perfumes aren’t 3.3 oz and therefore, aren’t allowable for your carry-on. Don’t forego fragrance on your next flight. Instead, tuck Clean’s airplane-approved Rollerball Fragrance Set into your toiletries sack. The three-piece collection features the line’s signature, soap-inspired scents, including Warm Cotton, Shower Fresh and Clean Ultimate. Each scent is layerable and will remind you of fluffy, fresh towels pulled right from the dryer or the crispness of soap lather.

Meow With Hello Kitty Collection
She’s Hello Kitty, hear her roar! MAC Cosmetics’ Hello Kitty collection will knock your socks off. Not only does MAC offer products and shades — the cool-toned, femme pink She Loves Candy Lip Glass belongs in every woman’s handbag or pocket — embossed with Hello Kitty’s image and likeness, but there’s an entire range of black and pink accessories that are too freakin’ cute.

– Amy Sciarretto

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