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Bobby Valentino: The Atlanta Crooner

Bobby Valentino: The Atlanta Crooner
Rick Florino

Soul never felt so sexy

Staring out a floor-to-ceiling window in the famous Capitol Building, Atlanta neo soul crooner Bobby Valentino is just about ready to pack his bags and move to Los Angeles for good. “I really want to get myself a spot out here,” exclaims the Atlanta native. “I came here with a jacket on, and now I’m just rockin’ a white t-shirt and jeans!I love L.A.”

Well, Bobby Valentino spreads some of that love on his brand new album, The Rebirth.The record sees Valentino examining faith, relationships and much more with a new maturity and the same sense of booty-shakin’ bounciness. He channels classic soul music and R&B with a modern twist. “People can identify with my songs,” he says. “The new songs capture hip hop, R&B and soul with no tricks. A lot of soul is taken away in today’s music because of the vocoder. You end up sounding like everybody else when you use one of those. It’s all me.”

The Rebirth’s first single “Beep” has already lit up the charts, alongside Bobby’s other recent smash hit, “Mrs. Officer” with Lil Wayne. Even though his celebrity keeps rising, he’s got other plans than hitting up red carpet parties while in L.A. “I love that little spot by UCLA, where they make the fresh cookies and ice cream, Diddy Riese.Every time I come here, I’ve got to get a macadamia nut cookie with some kind of ice cream. I love Melrose too because you get some of that great antique vintage shopping, and there are some awesome shoe spots.Everywhere in L.A. is lovely.”

He also finds the town inspiring creatively.“When you come out here, it makes you want to make more money. First of all, it’s extra expensive. You see these houses in the Hills, and that’s everybody’s dream to be able to live up there. There’s so much that goes into this. It’s a real job. I’m always trying to work harder. I love being an artist. It is fun.It’s way easier to get the girls when you’re a singer; you don’t really have to say much.” Especially in tinsel town.

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