Featured Artist: Patricia Clarkson discusses Phoebe

Featured Artist: Patricia Clarkson discusses Phoebe In Wonderland

“I’m always seeking the high watermark,” exclaims a smiling Patricia Clarkson. That explains why she chose to be a part of Phoebe In Wonderland — one of the most heartbreaking and enchanting flicks to hit screens this spring.In the film, Patricia plays drama teacher, Miss Dodger, who helps a struggling, misunderstood young girl named Phoebe (Elle Fanning) realize her potential by becoming the lead in a production of Alice In Wonderland.

The film is a portrait of self-discovery. “It’s about several awakenings,” says Patricia. “Miss Dodger is on a journey, and she travels a certain distance in this film — as does Phoebe. That’s what makes the movie so beautiful.”

A career actress, Patricia has been on quite a journey herself. She’s cultivated an emotional and tangible performance style. That style led to Patricia’s nomination for best supporting actress for Pieces of April in 2003 and two Emmys for her work on Six Feet Under. Plus, she’s entranced audiences in everything from The Green Mile and Untouchables to The Station Agent and The Pledge. Her performance in Phoebe In Wonderland is undeniable and unforgettable.
– Rick Florino

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