Geek Goddess: Julia Ling

Geek Goddess: Julia Ling

“I’m definitely a nerd,” laughs Chuck star Julia Ling. “I love computers, and I play video games. I studied engineering when I was in college at UCLA too.” However, that’s precisely why she’s so funny, fresh and fiery as “Nerd Herd” tech expert Anna Wu on NBC’s hit action-comedy series.Anna gets into all kinds of misadventures on the show, and Julia’s gotten quite close to the character. “I actually relate to Anna a lot — probably more to her geeky side [Laughs]. She’s into video games and computers. She loves fixing things, and she’s a really nice person. There are sides of her that I’m not anything like though. She can be pretty defiant. That’s what makes her so unique.”

– Rick Florino

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