L.A Hottest Actresses: Michelle Rodriguez and Christina Millian

L.A Hottest Actresses: Michelle Rodriguez and Christina Millian
Kevin Morra

In all of Los Angeles, there is simply no job position with as much competition as that of the Hollywood Actress. Behind almost every female in L.A., there is, or has been at one time, the contagious yearning to be lauded on-stage or featured in a series or film. With the immediate proximity to the studios, talent agencies, and dream making producers at every turn, this quest has become the most dominant motivation of L.A. lifestyle and society. The sheer competition is suffocating for most, but for those rare few that manage to break through and realize this almost unquenchable dream, L.A. is always ready to meet them with an unrolled red carpet, a VIP section, and the emulation of everyone in their presence.

We are happy to introduce our selections for L.A.’s Hottest Actresses. You can be assured that their journeys up to this point were neither effortless nor without several small miracles along the way, and hence, we proudly celebrate them here. In all of their triumph, beauty and glow, we present Michelle Rodriguez and Christina Milian.

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