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Luau, God of the Tiki Bars

Luau, God of the Tiki Bars

Exotic Tiki Atmosphere

At first glance, Luau appears to be a traditional Tiki Bar, but the superior décor makes it so much more. The soft, dim lighting offers the perfect ambiance to couples, and the rhythmic music creates a great atmosphere for friends. Authentic-looking, wooden Tiki masks sit on the shelves of one wall, as though watching over the entire dining area. The ceiling above is a sea of real blowfish made into lights to give a subtle extra glow. Although the feel is that of a Tiki bar, the environment is certainly not as loud and festive as a stereotypical Tiki beach-joint. The wait staff is as friendly as you would expect from a laid back Tiki bar, and are impressively informed on answering menu and drink questions with detail. The servers assist one another with tables to ensure that guests are satisfied.

A Luau Cuisine

The menu at Luau features pan-Asian dishes that include succulent seafood entrees, delicious curries and a mind blowing pupu platter. The tender peking duck tacos are quite delicious, and flavorful. The light sea bass, served on a bed of greens, practically melts in your mouth and is a favorite, for good reason. The Wagyu meatballs taste great with or without dipping sauces, and are generous to your appetite. Luau also offers a nice selection of citrus colored dishes such as curries. Being careful not to abandon their Tiki theme, Luau’s entrees feature hints of banana leaf, coconut flavor, and pineapple chunks.

Tropical Cocktails

Luau carries an exquisite wine list and unique cocktails, created by drink expert, Jeff Berry. The delicious cocktails are exceptionally popular; Sweet and smooth, yet subtly intoxicating. One exotic concoction, The “Luau Coconut,” is a blend of coconut water, coconut milk, pineapple and lime juice, and rum. The potent drink is served in the clean shell of a fresh coconut.

Luau History

This Polynesian treasure is the recreation of the old Luau Tiki Bar in Beverly Hills that was famous for hosting famous Hollywood names. Steve Crane’s original Luau was a regular hangout spot for the famous Rat Pack. Now, the refined version of Luau by restaurateur, Andy Hewitt, brings a part of Beverly Hill’s past to the future.

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