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Saturday morning. Only 20 minutes out of town, but a world away from your work week! Malibu’s natural beauty, 27 miles of coastline and rugged Santa Monica Mountains will breath fi re back into your life! Malibu is king of Saturday and Sunday mornings. Get into town early when the fog is still around. Twist up the coast and dig the misty atmosphere. Snuggle up with your hot coff ee in your fuzzy fl eece. When the coast is clear, your sunglasses are in place and you’ve resumed your journey, make your fi rst stop brunch or lunch. You’ll need to fi ll up for the hike and wine tastings ahead.

Malibu has some of the best breakfast “joints” in the country.Don’t miss the Country Kitchen located on PCH in a tiny brick shopping center across from Duke’s. It’s small on size — only about 10 feet of store front, but huge on taste. Morey has been serving up the best breakfast sandwiches in North America for decades. Sit outside and sip the sea fi lled oxygen and fresh coffee. Too early for lunch? We think not. Their PCH burger has been voted “The Best Burger in L.A.” numerous times and is a notorious favorite of Hollywood’s young superstars.

A mile up on PCH in the center of town is the Malibu Country Mart shopping center which holds the must see Malibu Kitchen (I know it’s a little confusing, but the Country Kitchen in Malibu is NOT in the Malibu Country Mart!). To call it a deli is like calling the Louvre an art gallery. It is a gourmet sandwich shop, deli and bakery rolled into one. Gourmet coff ees and a long list of delectable ingredients for made to order omelets. Well, made to order, as long as you order exactly what’s on the menu. Part of the charm is the rudeness of the cook, his impatience with your indecisiveness, and blunt infl exibility when you try to customize your order. The wait can be 20 minutes, so get there early to get on with your hike in the local mountains and wine tasting.

The Rosenthal Tasting Room (, is small and strangely situated in the middle of a slab of blacktop. Don’t be alarmed by it’s size. It’s tiny, but delicious! Fine wine in Malibu? Huh? The Surfrider Blend 2004 was our favorite and wins gold medals around the country. Rosenthal donates a portion of the proceeds from each bottle sold to the Surfrider Foundation to protect the delicate seaside environment of Malibu.

There is an expansive stretch of south-facing surf awaiting your long walk just west of Rosenthal. Stop along the way and breathe in the relaxation. If you’re a local Angeleno, this is your backyard! Visit any time, and please tread lightly. It’s one of the most spectacular places on the earth. For visitors, we know you’ll understand why we love living here.

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