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Megan Blake

Animals: Megan Blake tells us how to fly with pets
Megan Blake

1. You’ve got to have the right travel crate for cabin pets. The FAA’s regulations are 23 inches long, 13 inches high and nine inches wide. Check with the individual airline because some airlines differ. I also recommend a soft crate as opposed to a hard one.

2. Make sure your pet is acclimated to the travel crate. You can teach them that the crate is their safe haven.

3. You have to make a reservation over the phone separately for your pet. You can’t do it online, so be sure to call ahead.

Airplanes only allow a certain number of cabin pets so make sure yours is reserved.

4. You can’t use curbside check-in. You have to go inside so they can inspect the crate and everything.

5. Make sure you have your health documents with you. You can’t bring your pet on the plane without them.

6. When you get to security, your pet has to come out of the crate! You have to have your pet accustomed to going in and out. Make sure your pet doesn’t get loose. Have a leash for your dog that you can clip on really quickly. For a cat, consider using a harness because the cat can pull out of a collar really quickly.

7. You can’t get a bulkhead seat because your animal has to go under the seat in front of you.

8. Make sure your pets don’t get dehydrated. Allow them to drink up until the flight, but you don’t want them to fly on a full stomach, so limit their food a few hours before departure.Right before you leave the house, make sure they ‘go’!

9. If your pets have any health problems like diabetes or kidney issues, definitely check with your vet first because they may not be suitable long distance travelers.

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