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New Hip Hop – Novel

New Hip Hop – Novel

There’s typically a time and a person for any revolution. That person is Los Angeles singer and rapper Novel, and his time is now. On his debut album, Audiobiography (Due out June 31), Novel doesn’t take hip hop to another level; he takes it to another dimension. He forges intelligent, passionate rhymes to airtight instrumentals spanning the spectrum from classic soul to alternative rock.“It’s alternative hip hop,” the MC says with a big smile.“There’s a subtle rock background to the songs, and it’s just enough to ease people in.”

In terms of fi nding inspiration, the producer and artist didn’t have to look very far. He explains, “I tried to write something that was real instead of just conjuring verses out of thin air. I think I can always get better, and I’m learning more each day. This is the closest that I’ve been to fi nding myself as an artist. If I don’t I feel it, then I won’t write it.”

The people will defi nitely feel it once the album drops. Novel isn’t new to the game either. He’s already produced and worked on tracks for everyone from India Arie and Lauryn Hill to Talib Kweli and Alicia Keys. Novel’s got a lot to say on his own tracks though. “I’m trying get something across in my music if I can,” Novel continues. “I like to party too though [Laughs]. There’s a time and a place for everything. I don’t want to come off too preachy. I just want people to know that I have something to say. When you’re an artist and you’re in a certain position to infl uence people when you say things, you should. It’s important to put some substance. This is about fi nding some love and peace of mind because life is so short.” Welcome to the future of hip hop. Welcome to Novel.

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