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For actress Bree Turner, The Ugly Truth is quite a milestone, and it’s not just because she got to share the s creen with Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler.

“It was the first movie I’ve been in that I could really swear,” she laughs with a big smile. “Most of my big studio films have been rated PG or PG-13 like The Wedding P lanner, so it was really great to be able to cuss” There’s something to be said for a good R-rated comedy, and Bree’s well aware of the merits of being able to get a w ee bit edgy.

Sitting in a quaint Beverly Hills café, she continues, “The Ugly Truth definitely appeals to the guys as much as it appeals to the girls. There’s real chemistry between Gerard and Katherine. In a lot of romantic comedies, there isn’t that much chemistry going on. You can put two of the biggest stars together, and you won’t get it. So it really is like catching lightning in a bottle when it happens. Plus, our movie has crude jokes, so there’s something for everyone. The only thing that’s missing is a s hot of Gerard Butler’s abs [Laughs].” Even though there’s no 300-esque gratuitous ab shot, Bree confidently steps into her most fun and fresh role yet. In the film, she plays Joy — best friend to morning show producer Abby [Heigl]. By proxy, she’s caught up in the midst of Abby’s reluctant relationship with on-air talent Mike [Butler]. It was a role that Bree instantly took t oo.

She explains, “I tended to make up my own lines, and I could riff more. Katherine and I really hit it off. Rob [Luketic, director] and I had a blast, and Gerry’s a goof b all [Laughs]. It was like I wasn’t working.” The film didn’t feel like work, but it still successfully explores dating in the office. “Everyone dates in the work place no matter what you do for a living,” says Bree.

“It’s just so much more amped up in Hollywood — like everything else [Laughs]. It’s tricky in this movie because Katherine’s the boss and Gerard’s the talent. If you’re around someone 24/7 on a set, why wouldn’t romance spark? I never saw a problem with that. Ironically, I didn’t marry anyone in the business [Laughs].” The Northern California native definitely sees L.A. as a big inspiration for her multiple projects. “I love L.A. You can do whatever you want here.”

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