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ANA Airline Debuts Pure Luxury

Written by Jessica Hope Casselman

All Nippon Airways (ANA) will launch their new brand “Inspiration of Japan” in April of this year on its Boeing 777-300ER aircraft on its JFK-Narita route (followed by Europe then other N. American routes), which will take travel to a whole new level of comfort and sophistication. Their motto is “innovative, original, and inspired by modern Japan,” and this is the first step of many that ANA plans to take towards renewing their international products and services in the years to come. It is clear that they have paid meticulous attention to every detail, and travelers in all classes will experience impressive upgrades in entertainment and technology options, enjoy more space, and will feast on mouth-watering meals (both Western-style and Japanese) while relaxing in an environment of simple elegant décor. “Our hope, and goal, is that our customers take great pleasure in the luxury, comfort and excellence of our products and service, being transported to inspirational moments and places, both literal and figurative,” says Shinya Katanozaka, Executive Vice President of Products and Service Strategy of ANA. “ANA embraces the challenge of constantly innovating and keeping pace with the changing tastes and preferences of our valued customers, as well as consistently exceeding their expectations.” ANA is clearly at the forefront of the luxury travel experience, and anyone that has the privilege of flying with them is in for a treat.

In North America, ANA flies into and out of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Honolulu, Chicago, D.C. and New York to Japan, much of the rest of Asia, to Europe, etc. ANA is by no means a Japan-only airline and is known throughout the world for its own special brand of exceptional service and hospitality.

The First Class Experience — ANA FIRST SQUARE
Travelers flying in First Class will experience comfort and extravagance taken to a whole new level. ANA has carefully planned every detail of the flight experience. During the flight, travelers will sleep on silk pillows and blankets while in their own private rooms; feast on a gourmet meal of classical Japanese cuisine paired with premium sake or choose from a menu made in collaboration with the Mandarin Oriental, Japan or delectable Modern French cuisine; enjoy premium entertainment with a 23-inch LCD wide-screen monitor (one of the largest in the industry) that also has an iPod connector and USB port; and will enjoy lots of extra storage space making their travel experience comfortable, luxurious, and relaxing.

The Business Class Experience — ANA BUSINESS STAGGERED
For the first time ever on a Japanese airline, every Business Class seat will have aisle access, due to the perfectly staggered seat configuration, and much more personal space. Travelers will be able to get all of their work done on large sliding tables (approx. 150% larger than before) for their computers, equipped with a universal PC power port. All of the seats have tons of usable storage as well as seats that become fully flat (180 degrees), making sleeping a highly comfortable and enjoyable experience. Other great features include a 17-inch LCD wide-screen monitor and a selection of over 30 a la carte gourmet food options (menus changing monthly) that travelers can select from depending on their appetite such as the Warm Rice Balls and Miso Soup Set, the perfect light snack.

The Premium Economy Experience
ANA has made a new seating arrangement for those in Premium Economy, which utilizes a seating layout of 2-4-2. This gives travelers a very spacious seat pitch (widest in class). Each seat comes equipped with 12-inch wide TV monitors, with a substantial selection of entertainment options. Other features include large, stylish, removable dividers; a free service menu as well as a large number of additional snacks and drinks available for purchase; noise-canceling headphones; and bedding amenities that feature AquaTitan processing technology exclusively developed by Phiten.

The Economy Experience
Travelers will experience comfort like never before in ANA’s Economy Class, due to their innovative seating layout of 2-4-3, with a seat pitch of 34 inches (widest in class). The seats have sliding headrests and footrests, which adjust to three angles and were specifically designed to increase passenger comfort. All seats are equipped with 10.6-inch LCD touch-panel monitors, the largest in class. Travelers will enjoy luxury utilities such as a universal power source for computers, iPod connectors and USB ports installed on individual seats as standard utilities. Additionally, ANA has introduced their “J-Menu” that offers a new series of Japanese meals such as ‘donburi’ (bowl meals), ‘bento’ (box meals), and noodles.

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