Photographer: Giulio Marcocchi

“Breaking Bad” is riveting television. It’s characters and subject matter are so real that you become sucked into the imploding story line. The show has made waves due to the brilliant acting and despite the brutal violence, the show is really a domestic story about a man who gets involved with a new life. That man is Walt White who becomes a drug dealer after being diagnosed with terminal cancer in an attempt to provide for his family before he dies. We caught up with actress Anna Gunn who plays Skylar White (Walt’s wife) to talk about what it’s like to work on the hit television show.

We wanted to know from Anna what it was like to work on such an intense show. She loves working on the show and says that they all knew that they were on to something special from the very first reading. She said that the experience has been amazing and that everyone has really responded to their characters. If you watch the show then you may be concerned that the story line has a limited life span. Walt (Anna’s character’s husband) not only has lung cancer but he’s a major methamphetamine manufacturer — neither of which seem to be sustainable story lines. However, Anna says that they have confidence that the writers have an idea of the end.

Anna is a mom and lives near the Hollywood sign when she’s not filming on location in AZ. She’s very down-to-earth and quite chill in her personality. She feels grateful to be on such a brilliant show.

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