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Well, it’s not like we didn’t see this one coming….Best Buy has stared selling DJ equipment. So now that square-looking business man sitting next to you with the Bluetooth in his ear can impress the ladies and fellas with a dj set-up in his living room. It’s actually pretty cool and exciting. Spinning music is an art and making it available to the masses can only breed new talent. Plus it makes business sense for Best Buy to ride the wave of hip-hop popularity. Spinning, or being able to spin, is cool and will definitely impress. Everybody loves the DJ — more so if the music is amazing, well selected, and well mixed.

Best Buy has a long history with music — selling instruments and actual CD’s. Obviously the CD market has tumbled with more people opting for the instant gratification of downloading music from the internet. But the music education market is holding steady or growing with more and more people wanting to learn how to play like their musical idols. Best Buy will sell you a guitar and sell you lessons and now they’ll sell you everything you need to get the party started with your incredible spinning skills — oh, but you’ll need to spend some time getting to know how to manipulate the music.

Best Buy partnered up with DJ Hapa to help teach people how to spin. DJ Hapa is a world renowned DJ, and heck of a nice guy. He says that he loves the experience of watching people react to music and creating a vibe. He founded the Scratch DJ Academy — L.A. in 2004 and serves as both the Executive Director and Head Instructor of the L.A. location. Scratch DJ Academy is THE place to learn how to spin music or to continue your scratching and mixing education. Everybody who’s anybody in the DJ world is affiliated with the organization, which operates in New York, Los Angeles and Miami. The institute offers affordable ($50 – $300) lessons in spinning — everything from Introduction to DJing (Mixing & Scratching) for the beginners to Club & Performance Mixing for those more advanced.

Between the teams at Best Buy and Scratch DJ Academy and all this affordable and accessible equipment and lessons, soon everyone will be showing off their spinning skills. We hope they get the beat right!

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