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The Village Recording Studio

Photo courtesy of The Village

The Village recording studio in West Los Angeles is a famous historic landmark, it’s iconic in the music industry, and most importantly, it’s where some of our favorite music has been created.

A top-notch facility with the best equipment for catching that elusive, magical moment where history is made and powerful music is captured.  Artists have a very specific moment in time when they are at their creative peak, and it’s the recording studio’s job to record that very special moment for us all to hear and enjoy.  That’s why it’s so important to work in a studio that has the best in sound and technology. The Village has state of the art technology and more.  It’s a familial place where you are provided with support and a genuine commitment to the music.  The 1920’s masonic temple sets the mood for recording with lighted candles and calming décor.  When an artist books out the studio they are truly catered to by the staff.  They are so good at what they do that several notable artists and GRAMMY winners have set up permanent studios in which to create.

The building was erected by the Freemasons in the 1920s, and still maintains the Masonic Temple style.  The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi used the building in the 60s where he operated the U.S. center for Transcendental Meditation, which was important for helping to encourage The Beatles and played an inspirational role in creating The White Album.   In 1968, Geordie Hormel, who was a musician as well as an heir to the Hormel Food Corporation, bought the building.  He founded The Village Recorder, and put it on the map with the brilliant recordings of artists like Steely Dan, Bob Dylan, Robbie Robertson of The Band, Pink Floyd, Supertramp, and The Rolling Stones.  Geordie retired and the establishment was put into the hands of his daughter Julie who sought out the help of current CEO, Jeff Greenberg.  Jeff and his team took over in 1995 and led a complete redesign, with a new wiring and re-equiping of the control rooms.  The result is a completely renovated building,with state of the art studios while maintaining the historic presence and feel.

Perhaps it’s the emotion created by all of the musicians that created a real love story that spawned a future GRAMMY winning baby.  GRAMMY darling, Colbie Caillat’s father, Ken Caillat still keeps his permanent studio at The Village and he was also there thirty some years ago when he recoreded the album, Tusk with Fleetwood Mac.  While recording that album, there was a beautiful blonde working the front desk of The Village and she started going out with Ken, which led to marriage and baby Colbie.

Today you’ll find the likes of John Mayer and Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges walking the halls.  The Village has had immense success recording movie soundtracks, including Almost Famous, The Bodyguard and most recently, Crazy Heart.  Jeff Greenberg mentions what a thrill and an honor it has been to record music with the likes of T Bone Burnett and Thomas Newman.  It’s also the studio used when you hear live music on popular radio show KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic.

With their success has come the desire and ability to give back, and Jeff and his team are eager to do their part and have been involved in a number of charitable pursuits, including helping to build a state of the art recording studio at the Los Angeles Youth Opportunity Movement in Boyle Heights.  They are also involved with Summer Night Lights, an anti-gang initiative supported by Mayor Villaraigosa to help reduce gang violence during the summer months.  The Village will be helping with a mobile recording studio to aid in the education of troubled youth,  presenting opportunities within the music industry that take the engineering route rather than talking trash and wearing bling.

Whether they are helping to record the next GRAMMY or Academy Award winning soundtrack, or helping troubled youth, the fantastic team at The Village are working to keep their prominent place in Los Angeles’s vibrant music scene.

Inside The Village where great music is made:
Jimmy Jam, Janet Jackson and Ian Cross; Mark Hudson with a childrens choir; Elvis Costello and Lucinda Williams; Melissa Ethridge

Photo courtesy of The Village
Photo courtesy of The Village
Photo courtesy of The Village
Photo courtesy of The Village

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