Life industrious?
Take the stairs!

Coffee. News.
Sleep. Repeat!

For many of us, action-packed days are the norm. From the moment we leap from our beds to greet the day, fast-paced self propulsion takes over and we’re off, accomplishing the impossible. Yet when exercise falls off the agenda, the thrill of the daily quest becomes dissatisfying.
Biologically, exercise was once a form of survival as in hunting, gathering or raising crops for food — a built-in, self-care maintenance plan. Today, as we bolt through our days, consider exercise body and mind preservation and choose to make it happen. Walk to and from work. Skip the elevator, take the stairs. Use the restroom at the far side of the building. Enjoy a solitary walk over your lunch break. Propose walking meetings over conference room chairs.

Make these simple and economical choices a habit and you’ll maintain healthy brain function and divert unwanted stress. Most importantly, you’ll know that beyond all the daily commitments you make and fulfill, the commitment to self is most rewarding and worth every out-of-way stair.


P90X is the DVD workout system designed and led by celebrity fitness trainer Tony Horton.  Tony is hilarious in his personality and really makes you want to move and “burn the goo”.  His cheesy earnestness and obvious commitment to health and fitness make him the perfect motivator to keep you on the path of most resistance.  The system is a mix of 12 DVDs and resistance bands, which are easy to fit into your briefcase, backpack or carry-on.  You can also do this workout in your hotel room.  Do it between conference calls, even if you just have fifteen minutes at a time you can at least feel like you’re getting a bit done.  The series mixes plyometrics (jumping), cardio, yoga, martial arts and core and it works.  You’ll be working areas that are most affected by a sedentary lifestyle aka sitting at a desk or on a plane.

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