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Things are going great right now for super producer RedOne who has recently celebrated the launch of his music label 2101 Records.  RedOne is originally from Morocco but moved to Sweden when he was 19 when he left to chase his dream of producing music.  While he found moderate success in Europe, RedOne struggled and was about to throw in the towel when he suddenly skyrocketed to success with the popularity of Lady Gaga.  RedOne produced and wrote several songs on the chart topping album, The Fame.  He’s incredibly thankful for Gaga and feels like she is a “living legend” and a musical genius.  They began working together, clicked and created some very interesting music.

Since Gaga, RedOne has finished producing Nicole Scherzinger’s new album and he says it’s going to be better than her DWTS performances!  RedOne’s first artist on his new 2101 label is Mohombi who is young, up-and-coming and thoroughly gorgeous!  Imagine a tall, fit, beautiful in the face, young man with a basketball player’s body who can sing and dance like Justin Timberlake.  This sexy songster is more than model hot as he sings his infectious melodies.  He’s had a turbulent start to life as he and his family had to flee war torn Congo in search of safer surroundings in Sweden.  He then chased his dream to Los Angeles where he met up with fellow pseudo-Swede, RedOne.  His first single “Bumpy Ride” pays homage to his turbulent assent and has a Caribbean sound and beat.  The video was shot in Miami and could easily be mistaken for Cayman or Jamaica.  RedOne says that Mohombi is getting an incredible reaction from his music, his style of dance, and his performances and says, “he’s a superstar in the making, very charming, smart and an incredible entertainer”.

Outside of work, RedOne is focused on his family who is currently in Morocco.  He splits his time between Los Angeles, Morocco and Holland and considers himself a global citizen. He loves L.A. for the creativity and the weather but everything about him is global.  His favorite foods are sushi and traditional Moroccan food.  He goes to Nobu a lot but has yet to find a Moroccan restaurant  in Los Angeles that compares to his wife’s cooking at home.  However, when he’s in New York, he likes Le Souk.

This is Why He’s Hot
•RedOne’s credits include producing and co-writing 7 songs and 5 back to back hit singles on Lady Gaga’s The Fame album, which to date has sold over 10 million copies worldwide.
•RedOne earned five #1 songs in 12 months for “Just Dance,” “Poker Face,” “Love Game,” “Bad Romance” and “We Are the World 25 for Haiti.”
•RedOne earned two 2010 Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording (“Poker Face”), Best Electronic/Dance Album (The Fame, Lady Gaga)
•RedOne was personally requested by Quincy Jones and Lionel Richie to produce a contemporary version of the iconic philanthropic anthem, “We Are The World,”  with more than 80 of the world’s biggest stars.
•RedOne receives more accolades for more than 10 million album sales and 25 million singles downloaded with Lady Gaga.


Click the link above to view video of RedOne talking about his dreams as a youth.

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