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The Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse located at Heathrow airport is not to be missed. The clubhouse includes modern, elegant décor paired with 5-star service and delectable cuisine.  It’s huge with multiple sections to relax and kill time as you wait for your next plane ride. As you walk in you can check your carry-on bags and get situated with a shoeshine. You’ll also want to immediately check in with the spa to see if they can fit you in. Each guest receives a free spa treatment, which includes a blow out, trim, mini-facial, or back and shoulder massage. You can spend extra to get more services; I enjoyed the mini-facial followed by makeup application. There are nice showers and a steam room if you haven’t checked away all of your toiletries. Although you will fall in love with their toiletries provided by Cow Shed in the UK. Do your best to get your hands on some of this stuff because it’s great.

The food and drink options are like that of a hotel ­— basically anything you want. There is a long bar, several casual sitting sections and a dining room with proper dining room service. If you hanging out at the bar or one of the more casual sitting sections then you can either order from one of the wait staff or you can walk up to the food buffet. The buffet includes a delightful assortment of goodies from bagels and cookies to fresh salads and cheeses. The entire food menu consists of everything from Indian food to burgers ­— sure to please any cuisine preference. They will serve you whatever drinks you desire from espressos to martinis. Just remember that you have to board a plane and it’s THE WORST to get a hangover five hours into a ten-hour flight, so you may want to take it easy on the liquor.

If you need to get some work done or check in at home then you’ll love the library. There are computers available and workstations to plug in your laptop. The entire clubhouse is wifi enabled but it’s much quieter in the Library.

Now there’s no reason to fear that 8-hour layover at Heathrow. Just check in to the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse. You’ll be sad when it’s time to get moving.

New International Terminal Opens at Haneda Airport

The new International Terminal at Haneda Airport opened on October 21, 2010. Access to the terminal from central Tokyo is very convenient, using either rail services operated by Tokyo Monorail and Keihin Kyuko Railways to the New Terminal station, or by car, as the new terminal will feature a large car park. With the opening, ANA will shift its international operation from the current terminal, and introduce new services and facilities such as new lounges and a larger number of self-service check-in kiosks, for an easier travel to international destinations.

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