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Beauty & Fashion BUZZ – Late 2010

Altra Candles
The glorious scent that emanates from your Altru candle is reason enough to buy one for every room in your home, but you’ll also be supporting a decent cause. Proceeds from the sale of these candles are given to In a Perfect World whose vision is to provide children the opportunity to express themselves artistically about their needs, dreams, and issues that impact their lives as well as to support community-based organizations in implementing innovative strategies and programs designed to address community needs and issues.

Vieve Boutique
Vieve Boutique is the one-stop shop for one-of-a-kind and unique hard to find designer accessories. Store namesake and visionary, Genavieve Lynch, originally from Canada, opted for world-travel and exploration in hopes of inspiration before settling in Los Angeles and putting her background in business and fashion into play. Once she planted her roots in la-la land, she set up shop in a gallery space in West Hollywood.

The designers and brands featured in the store are rare finds on the West Coast. Genavieve thinks out of the box when buying for her store and makes a point of including designers with a strong identity and refreshing concepts that are seldom sold in local stores.

Gigartina Beauty Bath
The newest product from Malibu-based favorite, OSEA, brings the ocean into your home! Featuring gigartina seaweed and fragrant blossoms of lavender, you will experience the healing embrace of the sea during these long winter months. Gigartina Beauty Bath, like all OSEA products, is formulated from 100% natural derived ingredients, and a portion of the proceeds will go to Heal the Bay.

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