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Mendocino Farms

Fine Dining in Between Two Slices of bread

Could this be possible? Fresh, seasonal, locally grown produce, tender and flavorful meats, creamy cheese, tangy herb spreads, homemade pickles, on crusty yet spongy artisan bread; are all the fixings to make a five-star restaurant main entrée but Mendocino Farms takes these ingredients and assembles a sensational sandwich. Brilliant!

We stopped by Mendocino Farms (Mendo for short) for lunch in Marina Del Rey to try for ourselves. Their approach to sandwiches IS truly different. Sean Krajewski, director of operations, gave us a tour and explained their revolutionary philosophy. He explained they try to reconstruct ‘Fine Dining’ entrees to the sandwich level and take classic regional sandwiches and give them a modern interpretation. In order to do this, they promote seasonally and locally grown ingredients bought from a local Farmer’s Market.

Mendocino Farms kitchen and bread bin

We tried four of the best seller and our top choice is The Three Little Piggies Panini. A monster sandwich with Kurobuta pork belly, cider braised carnitas, and applewood smoked bacon with chile aioli, jalapeno relish, mashed avocado, provolone cheese, pickled red onions, and shredded romaine, all pressed on ciabatta. Unique and delicious. The Prosciutto & Roasted Chicken, A Sandwich Study of Heat (Turkey Avocado) and the Drunk’n Goat in Paris were not far behind in the taste testing. You will have to visit one of the three locations to get the ingredients of these tasty Panini’s, or visit them online.

If you have the opportunity, ask a Mendo employee how to navigate through a local Farmer’s Market so you can start incorporating seasonal ingredients into your homemade sandwiches, salads and soups. Seasonal ingredients make the Mendo menu an ever changing and evolving list. Rest assured that your impression of Mendocino Farms Sandwich Market will not.

Mendocino Farms Market
4724 Admiralty Way,
Marina Del Rey, CA 90292

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