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The Men of Skincare

Not to sound trite or cliché but do we live in a time and space where looks matter. If you want to look your best then you’ve got to invest some time, money and energy into your skin. It’s the first thing people see, it’s the first thing YOU see when you look in the mirror and it holds a wealth of information about your state of mind and body. Have you been getting enough sleep, drinking enough water, exercising, practicing balance, and managing stress? All is evident in the lines, texture and tone of the skin on your face.

We decided to get to know two Hollywood skin care experts — both are youngish men who have a passion for helping us look our best. However one is dedicated to organic skin care and the other has flourished with conventional methods. Besides their difference in opinion in regards to organic versus chemical, they have the most vastly different personalities for two attractive men, living in Hollywood and working in skin care. First up is Josh Rosebrook, the absolute sweetest, most gentle man on earth — hailed from the crunchy capital, Portland, Oregon, Josh has dedicated his time outside of the hair salon to developing earth friendly solutions to our skin care dilemmas. Marc Edward is exactly what you would expect from a West Hollywood esthetician — a fussy talkaholic who knows exactly what you need to look your best. We genuinely adore them both, and hope you too can appreciate both of their views on skin care.

Josh Rosebrook

Josh has been researching and studying skin care for over 17 years. He started to make his own products at home because he couldn’t find really good organic exfoliators with the right sized granuals.

He started making exfoliator at home and adding botanical extracts. That led to developing a formula that got his friends talking about how great his skin was looking. He began to share with them and then they were being asked by their friends and co-workers about what they were doing. It became a grass roots, snowball effect and everybody wanted Josh’s exfoliator.
The exfoliator is now on the market and it works on two levels, the finely ground walnut shell granules will slough off dead skin cells and the enzymes in the product go to a deeper level of exfoliation. The exfoliant has a honey base that is filled with vitamins, nutrients and enzymes. There are a huge number of botanical extracts — including neem leaf, yucca root and fennel powder in the exfoliant. These are very powerful herbs that are not chemically processed so they are retaining their natural potency. They are steam distilled to retain all of their vitamins and nutrients. The more botanical extracts that you can have in your product then the more vitamins, nutrients, and anti-aging elements you’ll be able to benefit from.

Josh believes that we are natural, our bodies are natural and everything to keep them youthful and vital can be found in the herbs and plants of the earth. Part of Josh’s philosophy is that he doesn’t believe in one miracle ingredient. He believes that just like a healthy diet, we need a multitude of fats, nutrients and protein to keep us looking our best.

Josh also has a new mask on the market and he says, “My cacao mask is very powerful”. The mask is a cacao base, which is cocoa packed with flavonols. Flavonols are an extremely powerful antioxidant. Research has shown that when cacao has been taken internally that it stimulates blood circulation in the skin. When that is happening all of your skin cells are being nourished with vitamins and nutrients, fatty acids and enzymes and oxygen. It renews the skin and jump starts collagen production while smoothing the surface of the skin. The mask shrinks pores, and, like the exfoliator, all of the ingredients are certified organic or wild crafted.

Josh Rosebrook Organic Skin Care is available at—
The Parlour on 3rd, 8113 West 3rd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048
(323) 651-4200

Marc Edward

Marc Edward is also one of our favorite people although his personality and philosophy are vastly different that Josh’s. Marc is one of the best aestheticians around and his facials will leave you looking great! He has recently expanded his West Hollywood spa and launched his own skincare line. His new spa is much more specious and imparts a feeling of luxurious pampering. You feel confident that he will help you look better as you settle into the hands of an expert.

As you enter the facial treatment suite, you see a variety of different machines including the Hydra Facial Machine, which uses a vacuum to suck up old skin cells while it infuses moisturizing serum into the skin. It’s a huge treat to your skin and you will experience immediate results.

Marc also developed his own line of skincare with a dermatologist. The concept behind their skincare line was to eliminate the need to wear makeup. The line is designed to bring out your best so that just a light dusting of powder and you’ll be good to go. Like Josh, Marc emphasizes the importance of exfoliation and cell turnover. After exfoliants, the next most important component is antioxidants. We are all exposed to the elements and antioxidants are our defense. He also touts the importance of serums and says that our moisturizer evaporates after just two hours and by putting a serum underneath, you’ll expand the longevity of your moisturizer.

Marc is pro-preservatives in skincare products. He feels that these preservatives maintain the integrity and the shelf life of the products. With humor, he reminds us that even arsenic is natural and that will kill us. Maybe one day he and Josh can get together and have a debate about skin care while sipping on Columbian coffee and herbal tea.

Marc Edward Skin Care, 7985 Santa Monica Blvd # 206,
West Hollywood, CA 90046

The Importance of Exfoliating
Conventional or organic, everyone agrees on the incredible importance of exfoliating. If you don’t exfoliate then you are leaving massive amounts of dead skin on the top layer of your skin and you are essentially wasting your serum and moisturizer since it will not penetrate beneath that layer of dead skin. To get through and deep into the dermis, you have to constantly exfoliate so that all of your nutrients, amino acids, enzymes, minerals and vitamins can be fully absorb into your skin. Exfoliating also smoothes your skin and brightens your complexion so do not neglect this step from your skincare routine.

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