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The 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards

Getting to the annual Grammy Awards is always top priority for the team at LAX Magazine, and this year was no exception.  When we arrived at the Staples Center for the 53rd Annual GRAMMY Awards events this yesterday morning the place was already buzzing with activity.

We went to the Grammy Gifting Lounge by Distinctive Assets before going to pick up our credentials, which had all sorts of cool companies exhibiting including Gibson, Diet Pepsi, Cold Stone Creamery (new frozen yogurt that was perfect for the warm day), Moroccanoil (love their hair stuff), Votre Vu (their delicious SnapDragon Beauty Beverages and Ten Gauge Health & Energy Slam are amazing), Smirnoff, Delta Private Jets, Moba Cruiser and Bench (cool clothing company that it coming to the US).  It is always fun to go in the gifting lounge since inevitably musicians and actors will make their way through to get all the cool gifts (for example we had Mya in front of us and Kings of Leon and Matthew Morrison of Glee behind us).

After finishing up there, we headed over to Rock N Fish to grab some lunch and a glass of wine, which was absolutely the perfect way to get a well needed second wind.

We then headed back to the Staples Center to catch some of the dress rehearsal. After seeing Mario Lopez in the credential room having to stand in line with everyone else (celebrities are just like us!), we went downstairs under the stage area where we got to watch Mick Jagger practice his performance for tomorrow night. He is seriously amazing, and we definitely can’t wait to see the performance tonight.

After he finished performing, Mick and his entourage made his way through the hall and it was great to see how much respect he was shown by everyone there.  A rock legend he is!  We can now officially say that we were in the presence of a Rolling Stone.  Love it!

Overall, this year will have tons of amazing singers, and we definitely can’t wait to watch the show.  For example Cee Lo is performing with Gwyneth Paltrow (who will be dancing on the piano), Katy Perry’s set will have lots of pink cotton candy and there will be tons of other great performances including Justin Bieber, Usher, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Miranda Lambert, Arcade Fire, B.O.B and Jaden Smith. There is no doubt that this year’s Grammy Awards will continue the tradition of honoring music and musicians and will be a show that is sure not to disappoint!  We can’t wait!

GRAMMY53 Recap

For this year’s Grammy Awards, we were once again backstage where we were able to interview various Grammy winners after they accepted their awards onstage. The show opening with Christina Aguilera, Martina McBride, Florence Welch, Jennifer Hudson and Yolanda Adams singing together… talk about some powerful voices! They sounded amazing as they paid a well-deserved tribute to Aretha Franklin.

This year’s awards felt a little different than past years, with several surprising winners including Epseranza Spalding as best new artist (a very surprise upset for Justin Bieber lovers) and the Canadian indie rock group Arcade Fire for album of the year. The LAX team was able to talk to both Esperanza and Arcade Fire, and have to say that both seemed not only incredibly talented but equally as humble. Esperanza’s publicist told us that she is the first Jazz musician to win that award ever! What a feat… They were not only completely shocked, but were also absolutely thrilled beyond belief.

Esperanza, a Portland native, is absolutely gorgeous in a natural kind-of way, with flawless skin and a huge smile. Right after having the chance to chat with her, we ran into Arcade Fire who had also just won their award. As we passed by I said, “Congrats guys, great to see the hipsters getting some love!” They all bust out laughing, and it was so clear that this band was over the moon about winning this great Grammy honor.

Earlier backstage some other highlights from our day included interviewing Train, who won a Grammy for “Hey Soul Sister.” They said that this is, “a magical moment for us!” They were also very humble, and said that the humility has come from being in the business for 15 years now and realizing that it is such a gift. They thanked Crush Management for saving their careers and Pat said that the performance he is looking forward to most is the one he is going to have to give his wife when he explains why he forgot to thank her during his Grammy acceptance speech… Poor guy! Rule number one for winning a Grammy: never forget to give props to your significant other!! Pat also said that they really didn’t expect to win since they were up against Glee this year but are grateful for their win. The band seems super chill and has a great energy about them.

John Legend’s interview was also interesting. He won a Grammy this year for Best R&B Album where he collaborated with The Roots to make Wake Up! His stunning girlfriend of 4 years was on hand to support him, and as usual he came across as smart, thoughtful and brilliantly talented. He had some interesting thoughts on what’s goimg on in Egypt and across the Middle East.

Some of our favorite performances of the evening included Justin Bieber and Usher. Bieber also performed with Jaden Smith, and the tweens were absolutely adorable together. It was so cute to see Will and Jada Smith in the audience, literally beaming with pride. Must be so fulfilling and exciting to sit back and watch your child follow their dreams and be recognized for their talent.

Another creative performance that was a joy to see was Cee Lo with Gwyneth Paltrow & Jim Henson Co. Puppets. Cee Lo wore and outrageous outfit, he basically looked like a Carnival Muppet, incredibly bright and colorful, like a bird. Gwyneth looked great, but seemed really nervous. We don’t blame her for being nervous as she was dancing on top of Liberaces’ piano in five inch heels in front of a huge audience. It didn’t quite seem like she really went for it.

Lady Gaga’s performance was good and her vocals sounded great… She won a Grammy for best pop vocal, and her voice in this performance reminded us why she won. It was nice that her voice wasn’t completely overshadowed by an outrageous outfit, although she did get carried into the Grammy Awards in a pod and some people were turned it off after seeing that. While everybody loves Lady Gaga and appreciates her talent, we think that sometimes less is more and music needs to be able to stand alone without having to rely on crazy outfits or stage performances to make it great.

This year’s show definitely saved the best for last since Mick Jagger’s performance with Raphael Saadiq was absolutely unbelievable. It goes to show you that true rock talent has major staying power. Mick really has it going on, and is one of the most iconic rock stars of all time! Overall the show was a definitely another great Grammy however it wasn’t as rocking as it has been in past years. It was certainly a more mellow year which was fine by us!


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