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Blow Dry Bar – W Hollywood

Blo Dry Bar

Hollywood: it’s the star-studded city we praise for it’s talent, it’s thriving nightlife, it’s unmatched glamour and it’s vintage spirit. But just when you thought Tinseltown had rolled out with every bit of glitz possible, last February the W Hollywood joined forces with Canadian-based tress tamers, Blo — Blow Dry Bar.
It’s pink at first sight as first-timers and blow out veterans are whisked into a posh paradise — complete with over-sized images of aptly coiffed Hollywood bombshells on the walls (Audrey H. and Marilyn M.) and hot pink menu featuring $33 treatments. The Blo mantra, “no cut, no color, just wash, blow, go.” Once in the stylists hot seat, a seven page menu is placed before you, displaying hairdo’s akin to the famous Kardashian sisters, a Lauren Conrad copycat look (the Boho braid), all over curls (Hugs, Sexy & Rock n’ Roll) and red carpet ready updo’s. If you ever wanted to feel like a celebrity, this is the place to do it.

Blo is a humble space, but nothing is humble at the atmosphere or the tone. It’s Hollywood after all and image is everything. And no doubt, glam seekers will experience a seamless carry through of the Blo spirit throughout the locale from sexy lucite chairs, shiny accents, gilded mirrors to pink flatirons, perfectly rolled towels and a small, but enticing retail space, where you’ll find all the “musts” for a marvelous mane — satin pillow cases, the brand’s own hair care line (Busy Body Shampoo, Freshman Whipped Cream Conditioner), Moroccan oil, Blo t-shirts and Mini Aerogel. According to the Blo Bosses, Mini Aerogel is a lifesaver with style memory that keeps your locks in place all night.

The Queen Bee (hive) or Master Franchise Partner, Lindsay Gartner — a vision of perfection with to-die-for hair, is quick to share that, “Blo is an affordable luxury.” And you have her word on that. When you book at Blo, whether it’s a $33 blowout (in and out in 30 minutes) or opt for Blo’s ‘Hidden Assets’ (100% real hair clip-in extensions) you’ll leave
looking and feeling like a real “it girl.” Lindsay goes on to say that, “Perfect hair equals perfect confidence.”
And since Blo is “shacking up” with the W, you can get blown dry in the comfort of your own suite.  Does it get much better than that? Sure does. Go have a look in the mirror.

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