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Colorist to the Elite – Michael Canale

From riches to rags and back again seems to be the ebbs and flow of recession talk. We have money one day, lose it all the next…but no matter who we are, somehow there always seems just enough in the cookie jar to care for our mane.

Michael Canale

From New York to San Francisco we all have our stories and somehow it usually involves money. However Michael Canalé, one of Hollywood’s most sought-after and successful colorist, is truly the lead colorist to the elite. He has truly branded himself to be one of the most sought after colorists in the nation. Michael did not find his profession in color by accident; however truly miraculous it turned out to be. A Math and Science Major at Cal State Northridge and a Master Bridge Player 30 years back, Michael mastered the business and analytical side of his success. Falling into the color world was not quite what he had planned for his life, but Michael Canalé changed
the flashy blonde industry to what we know today — more subtle and natural blondes.

Clients like Farah Fawcett and Morgan Fairchild were some of the big names to trust him with their manes, but the Reagan’s and Clinton Administration established his national reputation to not follow the trends, to support his trade. He is best known for being Jennifer Aniston’s long time colorist, and has been called on celebs, models and industry elite. Part of his claim to fame is his keen ability to correct damaged hair, leaving clients with gorgeous and healthy hair.
Michael has been a mentor to hundreds in his field, but no one has been personally trained by him like his protégé, Edna. Edna is his head colorist who started on the floor with him 10 years earlier as his assistant. At the time she was barely able to clearly speak English.  However, Edna was loyal, dependable, and talented and Michael
trusted her with his career. The two of them travel monthly to DC to NYC and back to Beverly Hills and Malibu to his San Diego base in Rancho. He packs in 45 clients per day starting at 7:00 a.m. and flowing into the evening. He and Enda take back-to-back clients in a flurry of work that his staff calls “insane”.
His wife and two kids support him at home as he becomes more eager to grow his empire to work less and spend more time with his family. Michael is a businessman and an incredibly smart and savvy investor, as he is founder for products that help his market grow and expand.

Michael Canale Salon

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