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It’s not like I am still trying to be 20, but to look anything like it would be a dream come true. Being fitted by experts who fit intimates for the stars before hitting the red carpet was a dream for my 14-month-post-partum figure. For someone that really isn’t that impressed with shape wear or girdles of any kinds, I can tell you whatever your ‘problem’ area may be, the Maidenform Shapewear is extremely comfortable and silky smooth. Dating back to the 1920’s, Maidenform can be found anywhere (JCPenny/Macy’s). Manyhigh-ends try to compete with this product, but not being able to breathe seems to be the common thread of reviews. It is truly the most amazing, everyday wear control that is lightweight, easy to wash and claims to be and anti-cellulite shaper. Even if you are like me and fearful of wearing this type of underwear, I challenge the novice to try the Flexees® Easy-Up® Strapless Full Slip (pictured above).

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