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Big Dawg Wilfred

Ryan and Wilfred share a moment

Wilfred is a new TV show that is about a man dealing with life’s challenges with the help of a sidekick in the form of the dog next door. Sounds strange, that’s true. But it works on screen. The main character, Ryan, is played to perfection by big-time movie actor, Elijah Wood. The dog is played by Australian comic, Jason Gann. The show has elements of crudeness that have become trademarks of FX comedies but the jokes are funny and done in good spirits. Most of all, the writing is clever and both characters are really good at their roles.

Jason is fresh from Australia where he’s quite well known as a comic. He’s so popular in Auz that he was working two shows when he was picked up for this project. The show is taken from a Auzzie show of the same title, which was co-created by Gann. And Elijah Wood would only sign on if Gann was cast as Wilfred. Elijah got word of the script as it was “a hot script in town” said executive producer, Rich Frank.

Guests and journalists previewed the show last night at Rich’s mansion on Mulholland while sipping on his collection of wine from his Napa based, Frank Family Vineyards. We started with bubbly and Chardonnay with grapes from Carneros and then went through a Pinot collection and then on to the Cabs. The wine was terrific and my favorite was the Napa Pinot, which costs less than the Reserve Pinot and was very light – just how I like it.

The show was funny and worth investing into. The pilot opens with ‘Ryan’ (Wood’s character) attempting suicide where we learn that he’s pretty wound up – his suicide note has multiple revisions. Then his hot neighbor girl next door asks for his help with dog sitting and we meet Wilfred (Gann). Wilfred is hilarious as a man dressed in a dog costume with dog mannerisms and ends up offering Ryan life lessons with a crude edge. He’s an actual dog, but appears to Ryan as a man dog who talks to him and calls him out on his weak behavior. He also smokes bong hits and humps on hot women. The humor and writing are very well done. Enjoy it tonight or set your dvr’s. Episode two is even better.

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