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BucketFeet = HappyFeet

BucketFeet are lightweight, unisex, and super comfortable.

BucketFeet, the recently launched shoe company, is not only raising funds for children’s charities, but has also become the “go to” shoe for travelers. The easy to wear, slip ons are wildly popular for those who find themselves frequently going through airport security. The limited edition shoes are quickly selling out!

BucketFeet exemplifies individuality and confidence. Not only are BucketFeet lightweight, unisex, and super comfortable, but the one-of-a-kind designs fit any personality and are sure to get you noticed. Their mission is to bring you the most original, colorful shoes you’ve ever seen!

BucketFeet is wearable art that aims to mesh awesome shoes and up-and-coming global artists to bring attention to the arts and help kids worldwide. They want to inspire people to broaden their horizons and see the world as they have seen it. Each consumer can buy one, give some and “get involved” with change, one step at a time.

These are “Must Have” shoes for travelers! See the full collection on

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