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Why Didn’t I Pack My &@#% ?

What did you forget this time?

We have all been there. You are in your hotel room, far away from home and you suddenly realize you FORGOT something. Maybe you didn’t even know you should have packed it. But now you know. Here’s the short list of extras that might just prove to be essential.

Ear plugs, eye shades and an inflatable neck pillow… Sleep is crucial even on vacation. Nobody really likes to plan on sleeping — sitting up, – in daylight hours — with a screaming child nearby. Or maybe the crying baby in the room next to yours finally settles down about the time the lovers across the hall start in!

Mini flashlight — I think I left my favorite slippers in Paris. If I’d only had a flashlight to look under the bed before check out, I would not still be talking about how much I miss them.

Extra First Aid and OTC items – Having graciously given away my last Imodium to a traveling buddy, I realized too late that I was far too generous! Need I say more?

— My popularity soared when my traveling companions realized that I was the only one at the…zoo…theater…hike…opera…Eiffel Tower…whatever… who remembered to bring binoculars along. I’ve always wanted people to fight over me.

Bug repellant — Plenty of hotels air the rooms out during the day. Naturally. they don’t notice the mosquito who enters with stealth and waits for her dinner. Having a giant mosquito bite nearly closing my left eye was not the look I was going for, however.

Tell us about your “Wish I’d remembered this” item below….

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