A Little About Alana

Awarded the “True Gift” Humanitarian Award for her work as the President of the Farrah Fawcett Foundation

Alana Stewart has beautiful skin. She carries herself with a sense of dignity that comes with a long and interesting life. She’s recently coped with the lost of her best friend, Farrah Fawcett. She’s married a movie star and a rock star, been a mother, actress and model. She shared close friendships with Farrah and Raquel Welch. She is grounded and centered. Her story is very much a rags to riches one.

Alana was raised in rural Texas by a strong grandma since her mom was busy battling drug addiction. She’s learned a lot from her grandma including her sense of gratefulness for every day on earth. She was taught that life can change in a heartbeat and that we should value and cherish those you love and live each day with strength and courage.

While her children have embraced the lure of reality television, Alana and Farrah never had that in mind when they started the documentary of Farrah’s medical treatment for cancer. The documentary was supposed to have a different ending and be a story of using out-of-the-box treatments as a potential cure for cancer. Farrah was in remission when they started the project and the initial vision included themes of never giving up and not going with just one opinion on care. As the cameras rolled, it became evident that Farrah was losing ground. She passed away and Alana was left with the heartbreak and the question about what to do with the footage. The networks heard about it and wanted to buy it so she made a deal with NBC in 2009.

Alana was awarded the “True Grit” Humanitarian Award from the John Wayne Cancer Institute Auxiliary for her work as the President of the Farrah Fawcett Foundation. The JWCIA established the “True Grit” Award to recognize individuals who embody the American values that were characteristic of John Wayne.  The first “True Grit” Award was bestowed upon Former First Lady Nancy Reagan in 2006. Other recipients include Larry King and Bonnie Hunt.

After the documentary, she wrote the New York Times best selling book, My Journey with Farrah. Now there’s another book in the works and she’s been working on acting projects as well. She recently won praise for her work in an independent film called Delivered. She plays the mother of a young soldier with severe injuries from the Iraq war. She loved this challenging role because her character was very unglamorous and lived in a run down house while working as a cleaning person at night to support her son.

Alana is very active and involved with her children, Ashley, Kimberly and Sean. She works on her book, visits with friends and spends time working as the president of The Farrah Fawcett Foundation. She’s leading a very zen existence living in a cozy house at the top of a hill near Beverly Hills. She tries to connect with her spiritual center everyday with morning and evening yoga and meditation. She is at a point in her life where she is perfectly content with her quiet lifestyle.

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