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Amelia – The Brit and her ENTOURAGE

Photos by: Trish Jochen www.trishalison.com

Our ever favored British actress, Amelia Jackson-Grey is not your typical LA actress. When she appears for a job, she is a true professional and she has the entourage to prove it.  Amelia was first introduced to the big Hollywood scene in the original HBO hit show Entourage playing Vincent’s love interest for season 6. However her latest role is in Deep Gold; the first-ever, action adventure film in 3-D.  She stars as the mysterious British reporter caught in the middle of a large conspiracy. Filmed entirely in the exotic islands of Cebu and Palawan in the Philippines, the shoot gave her a chance to learn scuba diving especially for this exciting role. She embraces each role with charisma and talent and has become quite the actress in demand. Her amazing talents include speaking with many different accents. In The Mentalist it is Italian. In Outsourced she plays the Australian. In Entourage she plays an American and even in an Indian film, she shows her Texan accent. However talented this true Brit may be, her love for adventure and travel is what makes this striking beauty a one of a kind.

Amelia Jackson Gray takes a break from TV and movies and goes on the adventure of a lifetime to travel and backpack through Italy. Traveling first to Milan and then to Murano, Italy, she stayed at the 3-star Hotel Miramonti where she recounts being above the clouds and looking over the Swiss Alps. She continues her adventure to the Dolomite Mountains where she stays in the picturesque Geôles campground with astounding views and breathtaking beauty. She backpacks with cooking gear, her tent and sleeping bag. Amelia lived in Florence when she was young and knows enough Italian to get around.

Amelia happily discusses her love for Los Angeles and her travels all over the State of California . She considers LAX Airport one of the best airports she has been through. She loves Bishop’s Horton Lake, the well-traveled Joshua Tree and the famous Sierra Nevada’s Mount Williamson which towers as California’s second highest peak. Her favorite LA hikes include Runyon Canyon and Fryman Canyon. Her favorite eats include the famous Pizzeria Osteria Mozza with her favorite local British Pub being the Studio City’s Laurel Tavern. Being in LA, she has no complaints. She loves the laid back attitude, the steady pace and the forward thinking lifestyle.

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