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Barry’s Bootcamp: It hurts to be beautiful

Summer is here… but it is NOT too late to get on track to get that physique you once had in your twenties, or maybe just dreamed of. The idea behind Barry’s Bootcamp is not to scream and yell at you like a Marine drill sergeant but to continually “shock” the body with an ever-changing combination of calorie-burning cardio with strength training. This workout takes place in a nightclub party environment with dim lights and bumping beats creating a highly energetic atmosphere that is hard to resist (no booze- sorry). This is the most efficient and effective way to improve your cardiovascular system, lose weight, build muscle and maintain an exercise routine. The endless variety of exercises and instructor styles insures that no two classes are the same, and that every class feels new and exciting. And did I mention it’s a BLAST?

Barry’s Bootcamp attracts individuals who are bored with their current routine and looking for ways to spice it up. All Barry’s Bootcamp classes are one hour, and each class includes 30 minutes of interval cardiovascular routines on the treadmills and 30 minutes of strength training using free weights and other equipment. The floor work focuses on a different major muscle group each (Monday: Arms and Abs, Tuesday: Legs and Butt, Wednesday: Chest and Abs, Thursday: Shoulders and Back, Friday-Sunday: Full Body). From Newbies to chiseled athletes, youngsters to grandmas/grandpas, regardless of athletic ability, all attend the same class. The instructor advises the class as a whole, yet the individual controls the level of intensity per their individual ability. All clients will be encouraged, rather than embarrassed, to take it to the next level.

The trainers at Barry’s Bootcamp are hand selected through a vigorous process of resume qualification, interview(s), then audition in order to insure the right level of expertise and personality.  Only the best are hired in order to represent Barry’s Bootcamp in the right light. I can attest, these instructors are professional, educated, helpful, very approachable and… easy-on-the-eyes. This is not a listed strategy on their website, but man, it helps to have a hotty cracking the whip providing a constant reminder that if you want to be beautiful in a bikini this summer, it is gonna hurt.
6 locations: West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, San Diego, Irvine, New York City & Bergen, Norway  Best of all, purchased classes never expire and there’s no minimum package. You can buy one class or as many as you please.

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