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Think Yourself THIN!

Spend a minute to take stock of just how many diets you have been on in the last five years. Then consider why one worked better than another.  It’s a good bet that you remember success at a time when it was so important for you to shape up that you made a very strong emotional commitment to changing your relationship to food. Your thinking process changed. It was more important to drop the pounds because there was a clear focus on some idea. Hunger did not make you cave in. Maybe the idea was to initiate a new life chapter, a new special relationship or a new physical image. But, the weight loss was directly connected to your positive thinking.

Before you jump on the latest craze diet, understand that you will need to start with a long hard look at what is going on in your head.  The difficult questions need solid answers. You can’t change your relationship with food unless you acknowledge how it is. Be self reflective.  If you are truly ready to embark on what we all know is a challenging path, you need to be mentally strong.  If you can say outloud that you are ready “heart and soul” to handle change and that the sacrifice is worth the result, then go for it.You have to THINK YOURSELF into the new you.
There are a few important hint to consider.

Be prepared for those moments when you are vulnerable and needing comfort.  The old you would want comfort foods like potato chips or ice cream. The evolving you is ready with a substitute item like carrots and a pep talk that reaffirms your resolve to make it through.
Drink lots of water. You already know that it’s good for you and that it can make you forget that you feel like eating something you shouldn’t.  Even a small glass of water before you enter the kitchen to prepare a meal can “buy time” so you really evaluate your choices and hopefully make the right selections.

Rid your house of empty calorie foods.  Throw out all the items that may tempt you to undermine yourself. Shop after a very healthy meal and load up on the legal items. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be the number one category.

Do not discuss your diet.  Replace those conversations with any other topic.  Keep your diet agenda as a solid promise to yourself to initiate and support the changes you seek.  Self talk is an exceedingly strong tool.  Focus on the day when your friends will compliment you and how great that will make you feel.

Thinking Yourself Thin ….is how you succeeded in the past.  You just didn’t know it.

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