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Uncompressed, Unlocked, UNCOMMON – Cypher Labs

The Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo streams bit-perfect digital audio from Apple iPad™, iPhone® or iPod® devices to headphone amplifiers and powered speakers using Apple USB Audio for superior audio quality.

Why do you need it? Simply, it makes the music sound so much better! Even audio novices can hear the difference right away. If you already have a home stereo amplifier or better yet, a portable headphone amplifier, combining it with the AlgoRhythm Solo will deliver the music you’ve been missing.

The AlgoRhythm solo is made for portability. Now it is possible to have desktop quality audio wherever you go: train, bus, plane, office or home.

How does it work? Currently, Apple iPad™, iPhone® or iPod® deliver compressed analog audio, whether from the headphone output or analog line out. Even playing a high quality track results in down-sampling. The AlgoRhythm Solo uses advanced digital processing and a reference grade digital to analog converter to provide audio at the highest resolution the Apple devices are capable of producing.

Cypher Labs ( operates with a mission to unlock an unsurpassed listening experience for the portable audio customer. Headquartered in Lake Oswego, Ore., the company’s products are designed to the highest standards, with state-of-the-art processing chips, digital-to-analog converters, analog output stages, and audiophile-grade components throughout. The AlgoRhythm Series consists of quality portable audio products designed to release the high resolution features of the most popular digital music players available today. Along with unrivaled sound quality and cutting-edge features, Cypher Labs products also boast durable and stylish construction — reinventing the art of sound.

Priced at $579

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