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Beautiful Josè Eber salon in Beverly Hills

Ingrained in the hair and beauty industries for more than three decades renowned hairstylist and entrepreneur Josè Eber has continued to be a leading authority and influential in his field.  With a trademark beauty philosophy which has led to thousands of extraordinary transformations for men and women all over the globe and some of history’s most famous hairstyles, Josè Eber’s unwavering vision and longstanding commitment to “making every client feel beautiful and comfortable within” is just one of the qualities that has led to his long term success.

Born and raised in the South of France, Josè Eber launched his career at one of Paris’s most esteemed salons. Even from the beginning the visionary designer planned to conquer the beauty industry. When he visited Los Angeles while on a holiday, Josè immediately fell in love with the city. “I felt that I was home.” And nine months later Josè Eber arrived to permanently immerse himself in — and change the face of — American hair culture.

Shortly thereafter he opened his Beverly Hills Flagship Salon, which was much more than a place to get your hair done. A pioneer in the urban retreat concept Josè offered guests the most advanced hair and beauty services available in a relaxing, elegant, and comfortable setting.  On any given day his salon was filled with celebrities, socialites, and international jetsetters. All of who got to experience Josè and his expert team of stylists’ and colorists’ artistry. Josè has also been an instrumental force in several Hollywood looks that defined an era and are classic and timeless today.

Josè Eber continues to conquer the hair industry and salon experience. After two decades on Rodeo Drive Josè had an opportunity to change locations to the freestanding former home of Christie’s Auction House at 360 North Camden Drive. The whimsical space is a mixture of “Old world Parisian style with an updated twist.” He continues, “When I originally met with my designer Waldo Fernandez I was a bit shy about going bold with the space.” Waldo expressed to me, “Celebrate your career, clientele, and your team.”

Dramatically high ceilings, striking purple lacquer doors and furniture accents, luminous lighting around each of the iron hand-crafted stations, colorful collages by artist Terence Lawlor, an impressive and inviting entryway with a mirrored welcome desk, and movable partitions that provides a bit of privacy for guests who request it are just a few of the many defining and exquisite features of the salon. Josè and his expert team of stylists and colorists will meet and exceed the needs of its clientele, all within a relaxed and luxurious environment. Continuing with Josè’s vision of the urban day retreat, guests will also have an array of exceptional beauty services including a Medi-spa, premium make-up services, a private suite, laser and facial procedures, and more. “I wanted to create the ultimate beauty experience for men and women.”

Josè Eber continues to be a dominant influence and authority in the hair and beauty industry and has no plans to slow down anytime soon.  From the beginning of his impressive career to today Jose Eber’s primary goal, and the reason for his longevity in a business that tends to see stylists come and go is the genuine desire to make each person he or one of his staff touches look and feel beautiful and being truly hands on in everything he touches. “Making people look and feel beautiful is truly a gift that keeps on giving.”

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