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The Miyako Hybrid Hotel

The Miyako Hybrid Hotel Lobby

The Miyako Hybrid Hotel is where the elegance and hospitality of the Japanese culture meet the 21st century. This luxury Japanese style hotel is conveniently located close to the I-405 and minutes away from top beaches, attractions, shops and business centers in Torrance, California. The hotel features 208 deluxe guestrooms and 12 superior suites. Whether you’re on a business trip or a getaway, this hotel is a destination poised on the fine line between your imagination and reality.

The boutique luxury Miyako Hotel caters to business travelers with over 80% of guests being in the area on business. The South Bay is the United States capital of Asian business with national headquarters such as Toyota, Honda, and Panasonic; as well as many of the firms who provide support to the auto industy, are located. The Miyako is the preferred place to stay for Japanese businessmen and women, and the premier Asian Hotel in the South Bay.

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The Miyako Hybrid Hotel opened in December 2009 and is owned and developed by the Kinetsu Company who own railroads and have many hotels in Japan. The Miyako Hotel in San Francisco inspired the property. Repeat business is the anchor of The Miyako; once Japanese visitors discover the gem of a hotel, their satisfaction has them coming back at every opportunity.

More than just a place to sleep, The Miyako Hybrid Hotel is an opportunity to experience some components of the traditional Japanese lifestyle and hospitality. It is where the East meets the West. Every room incorporates details imbued with the traditional culture of Japan, mixed with western style amenities that provide everything you need to function for business, and relax for pleasure. All the guestrooms are spacious and high-style, furnished with a 46” flat-screen LCD HD television, a DVD player, alarm clock with iPod dock and a Pioneer stereo system. Each room is a smoke-free environment, tastefully decorated with warm colors and natural materials. Every bed features sumptuous down comforters, custom duvets, cotton-rich linens, and luxurious pillows so you can sleep in total comfort.

The Miyako Japanese style bathroom is a regenerating experience for both the body and mind that you won’t forget! The rain shower and the ofuro (the deep Japanese style soaking tub) are the perfect place to pamper yourself with complementary natural organic bath products. It is easy to understand how Tom Cruise in The Last Samurai could easily fall in love with the beauty and purity of Japanese traditions. Sit on the stool, turn on the shower, and start scrubbing. When you’re clean, pour the crystals into the bath, and enjoy the lyrical Japanese ritual of bathing, cleaning the body from impurities, soaking and soothing in hot water. The toilet, located in a separate room, features a washerette personal hygiene system that perhaps at first glance you will find strange and hard to understand. But we guarantee once you try this Japanese standard you will want one in your own home!

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The eco-minded travelers will be happy to know that the Miyako Hybrid Hotel is setting the standard for cutting edge green luxury with sustainable building materials, solar power, energy efficient lighting, and water saving fixtures. The Miyako achieved a Leeds Silver designation, which is one of the highest levels of environmental efficiency and conservation in development and operations. The interior designs are based on eco-friendly principles, and all the decoration materials reflect and are inspired by natural elements, making the hotel extremely comforting and welcoming. The suave color of cork wall gives a sense of total serenity and it is a perfect example of style; comfort and concern for the environment can go hand in hand.

Gonpachi Restaurant

Gonpachi Restaurant is the stellar Japanese restaurant that has received wide critical acclaim as one of the premier restaurants in the entire South Bay. We had an opportunity to experience the restaurant for both lunch and dinner. The food quality was splendid and the service superb.

For lunch we sampled the Temptation Platter featuring a combination of incredibly fresh sushi and sashimi, served with a side of Handmade Soba Noodles in a delicate fresh flavorful broth. The fish was some of the freshest we have enjoyed in Los Angeles. The Soba noodles are handmade fresh daily by the Soba Master who skins the buckwheat husks, grinds the buckwheat then kneads and rolls the dough by hand. The aroma and crisp taste is incredible, especially when dipped in Gonopachi’s homemade dipping sauce (tsuke-jiru). The lunch Katsu bowl featured the signature noodles with dipping sauce and Katsu Pork delicately prepared. The Tendon Bowl included tempura vegetables lightly fried and full of flavor.

For dinner we enjoyed the delicate preparation and strong flavor profile of the Gindara Saikyo (miso marinated black cod), the Hamachi Kama (yellow tail collar with yuzu ponzu sauce), and the Lamb Chop with apple ginger sauce and freshly grilled vegetables. All of these dishes were excellent in both flavor and presentation.

Our Gonpachi experience was fantastic as the cuisine, quality, and service was impeccable.

Spa Relaken

For those looking for an oasis away from it all, the Spa Relaken is a real gem; a peaceful sanctuary for body relaxation and soothing for the soul. Located in Torrence’s vibrant Miyako hybrid hotel, Spa Relaken features a traditional Japanese-style hot stone bath (Ganban-Yoku) and offers an extensive menu of wellness-focused massage and treatment services in a haven of the calm, warm, and inviting Japanese setting.

For those longing for peace, quiet, and meditation, where detoxing and rejuvenating the body are combined with enhancing weight loss and the immune system, the Ganban-yoku–or hot stone spa -— is the perfect place. Ganban-yoku (bedrock bathing) is a bathing method that does not use hot water but involves lying down on a mat on top of hot stone heated to about 40-45 degrees. The Ganban-yoku slabs used at the spa Relaken are rare, natural mineral, super-growth energy stones from the mountain areas

Kyushu, Japan. Warmed by a heater installed under the slabs, these stones emit far-infrared rays and negative ions that penetrate the body and are absorbed by cells causing a number of reactions such as dilation of blood vessels, which improve blood circulation and speeding up the metabolism to help eliminate toxins. All this, and it is really relaxing too!

Relaken’s operational concept is Omothenashi, the heart of Japanese hospitality that guarantees a multi-sensory relaxation for recovery of mental and physical health. This spirit of service embodies everything from ensuring that the guests feel relaxed and happy, to the hosts’ polite attitude, genuine smile, and attention to details.

Between business meetings, or in leisure time, the treatments at the spa Relaken are detailed and customized to match the current physical condition of each person. Those who lead a physically active life should indulge and spoil themselves with a deep tissue massage. This truly effective deep tissue massage provides relief from tension and increases range of flexibility. Relaken is the place to revitalize your mind, body, and spirit. It’s a calm haven with luxurious body treatments and sublime skincare.

The Miyako Hybrid Hotel offers its guests the very best of Japanese and western hotel luxury in the heart of Torrance, California. Come try them out and we guarantee you will not be disappointed.

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