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Cirque de Soleil TOTEM

Cirque de Soleil’s TOTEM
Cirque de Soleil’s TOTEM

Cirque de Soleil’s TOTEM beckons child-like amazement from the least attentive ticketholder. Charles Darwin would give it two thumbs up! Cirque’s team of professional artists brings the wonder of evolution to the stage; spotlighting the mythical and enlivening development of humankind and species “through a visual and acrobatic language.” TOTEM‘s energetic performance addresses the debate of the origins of humanity, emphasizing one unanimous fact: Evolution is Amazing! With showings in three breathtaking locations across the L.A. area there is no excuse to miss this adventuresome retrospect to life’s beginnings.

Reviews from the 2011 shows in San Francisco, compliment the shows acrobatics, lighting, choreography, soundtrack, and side-stage events; heralding this as the best Cirque de Soleil has produced. Acclaimed writer and director Robert Lepage supplies the omnipresent network of cohesive origin themes, which the team of skilled performers develop through countless breathtaking moves guided by an invisible awe. Guy Laliberte and Gilles Ste Croix’s exceptional team of over 4,000 has brought street arts to the grand stages worldwide, so it is no surprise TOTEM carries the torch.

L. A.: opens OCT 11 closes NOV 10 — Port of Los Angeles, San Pedro

IRVINE: opens NOV 21 closes DEC 29 — Orange County Great Park

SANTA MONICA:  opens JAN 17 closes FEB 09 — Big Top at Santa Monica Pier

In addition to purchasing tickets, Cirque de Soleil’s website offers a Boutique with marvelous prints for any of their nineteen shows available for purchase, and other great holiday gifts!!

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