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Jerry Ferrara

Photo by Miranda Penn Turin
Photo by Miranda Penn Turin

For a young man, Jerry Ferrara has had a long and prolific career in show business. After a steady stream of bit parts, Jerry was thrust into the spotlight when Entourage debuted on HBO. As part of the wave of cable channel dramas, Entourage was able to cuss, show nudity, and generally get your attention by sharing the lives of people intimately connected to Hollywood. Jerry’s most famous role to date was playing Turtle, the lovable, kindhearted best friend of Hollywood movie star, Vincent Chase (played by Adrian Grenier). When Jerry started on Entourage, he was very young, 24. He says, quite sweetly, that he was a kid when it started and a man when it ended.

One of our favorite aspects of Entourage is that it is set right here in Los Angeles. We love seeing which hot spot was going to be featured each week as the scene of a date, party night, or important business meeting. Jerry agrees and says that working on Entourage was like his ticket to getting to know Los Angeles. He says that since wrapping up the show it has set in how great they had it to work on the project.

The show examines the ups and downs of Hollywood, and life as an actor; one can go from riding high to cut throat in an instant. Jerry seems to have avoided the pitfalls that hamper Hollywood youth. Jerry came to Los Angeles at the age of 20 and says that he has worked at every restaurant in the Valley. He would get small parts on King of Queens and assumed that he had made it so he would quit his restaurant jobs and focus solely on acting. When other parts didn’t materialize, he would find himself back at the restaurant, groveling for his job back. Eventually that resilience led to Entourage.

Jerry has made the transition from cable drama star to movie actor quite well. He’s now lined up for several films to come out in the following year. He was fortunate to get involved with a Steve Harvey movie called Think Like a Man, based on an actual self-help dating book penned by Harvey. The book sold millions and so they made it into a movie similar to He’s Just Not That Into You where actors play out different scenarios in the book. The movie was successful so they are now making Think Like a Man Too. Jerry is set up to be a part of the sequel.

An intriguing movie called Last Vegas is also on deck for Jerry. This movie sounds like a riot. It’s the grandpa set bachelor party played by Oscar winners Michael Douglas, Kevin Kline, Robert De Niro, and Morgan Freeman. Jerry says that his head was spinning from the opportunity to work with this cast and said that even though they have nothing to prove, each of his castmates worked very hard on delivering their best to the project.

On a more serious topic, Jerry will be working with Peter Berg on Lone Survivor, which is about a failed mission in Afghanistan. Staring Mark Wahlberg, Emile Hirsch, Eric Bana, and Jerry, the film follows four navy seals on a mission to take out a Taliban leader who become compromised and under attack. This movie was shot in New Mexico and Jerry would travel between that set where he was playing a Navy Seal to the Las Vegas set for Last Vegas where he was playing a brash, party guy rival to the gray-haired bachelor party.

Finally, we can’t forget that they are making an Entourage movie! The gang will be back for two more hours of fun. Jerry says that he can’t wait to see which Los Angeles venues will be included in the filming.

When he’s not working on movies, Jerry also owns a restaurant called Fat Sals. It’s a college-type place located near UCLA with expansion down to San Diego. If you’re feeling like indulging in a big calorie day or you need to feed the football team, then head over for some delicious sandwiches.

Jerry’s advice for visitors to Los Angeles: Get to the beach! And check out a sporting event, L.A. is a great sports town.

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