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Cruzmatik, Connoisseurs of California Style

Cruzmatik at LAX!
Cruzmatik at LAX!

Cruzmatik is a pair of great musicians named Reggie Stevens and Jason Williams. They are, as the name implies, from Santa Cruz and have a rap meets rock vibe producing fun Cali sounds that are prefect for the beach party or after party. The two have known each other since childhood when Reggie moved from Shreveport, Louisiana to Santa Cruz. They went to high school together but then Reggie headed east on a football scholarship eventually signing on with the NFL. After playing for the New York Giants, Kansas City Chiefs and Denver Broncos, he headed to Europe to play arena football. When Reggie came back to the States to play for an arena team in Nashville, he ended up playing on country music superstar Tim McGraw’s team.

Upon meeting Mr. McGraw, Reggie communicated that he had an interest in preforming rap music. McGraw made an introduction and then Reggie had a record deal. After experiencing moderate success as a solo rap artist, Reggie’s record label folded and he found himself living in Santa Monica and feeling stuck. He headed home to Santa Cruz where he reconnected with Jason.

Jason had also been working in the arts, as a singer in a California style rock band, Ribsy’s Nickel, popular with the surf and skate crowd. He is also an avid snowboarder and motocross aficionado. Reggie felt that his rapping and Jason’s rock sound would blend well together so he approached Jason and asked for his time to commit to Cruzmatik.

They’ve done well while having fun and sharing their philosophy of life. Jason has grown both personally and professionally. He’s now running business meetings.  Everyone else is dressed in suits and ties and he’s wearing his usual skateboard-esqe outfit. He’s also discovered how to go with the flow and appreciate happenstance. When they got their distribution deal with Empire Distribution out of San Francisco, Ghazi Shami, CEO and founder, told them that he needed content — specifically videos. So they got to work and produced five great videos that are available to enjoy on Vemo. On their first video for “Party Don’t Stop,” they were set up to shoot at a local Santa Cruz nightclub, five days before the start of filming they heard from the nightclub manager — a friend — who said that he could no longer offer the club for filming. Instead of blowing up, JWillz said, “no problem” and they ended up securing an art gallery to replace the nightclub. The art gallery was located above an abandoned Wrigley gum factory that they used to film their party scene. With the help of veteran director, Tha Razor, the video turned out far better than if they had stuck with the nightclub.

Cruzmatik is a great example of California style and California fun. Check out their videos on Vemo and keep an eye on this dynamic duo.

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