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Santa Monica Wet Room
Santa Monica Wet Room

For the past 30 years, Burke Williams has been providing outstanding spa experiences throughout Southern California. Inspired by European day spas, Burke Williams offers a vast array of treatments that continue to evolve along with the changing needs of their clientele. If you need a spa day or just some time alone to reflect and rejuvenate then planning a day at Burke Williams is just the ticket.

Signature treatments include an Anti-Aging Facial, which uses regenerative technology through a custom blend of stem cells and illuminating concentrate. A unique combination of H2V R3 Transform and Matrixyl Peptides lifts, firms, brightens and evens the skins tone while repairing damage. During the facial, guests have the opportunity to consult with their esthetician to create a custom anti-aging moisturizer specifically for their skin type.

Another fabulous and creative treatment available to guests of Burke Williams is the enhancement that can be added to your massage. This massage technique is used to reverse the negative effects of forward posture by incorporates back bolstering, strategic pressure and therapeutic stretching into a relaxing full body massage. addresses prevalent issues from the stress of everyday life including head and shoulder forward posture, thoracic outlet syndrome and carpel tunnel syndrome. The service incorporates a back bolstering technique to work the shoulder girdle area, use of a therapeutic ball for shoulder and arm work, and a therapeutic wand as a way to enhance the stretching techniques used to open up the pectoral muscles and extend the front of the chest. This powerful combination of techniques target tensions in the neck, back and shoulders.

Burke Williams has nine locations throughout Northern and Southern California including Santa Monica, Hollywood, San Francisco and San José.  Each location offers the more typical massage therapies, body wraps, facials, manicures, pedicures, baths and other signature services – but each with the exclusive distinct style and service of Burke Williams.  A visit to Burke Williams will provide each guest with an exceptional treat!

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