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Loire Valley: Château Hopping


Gardens at Château de Villandry
Gardens at Château de Villandry

Must Visit Châteaux

Royal Château of Amboise
Set on the edge of the River Loire, the Château was a hot spot for royals in the 15th century. However the property fell into decline after King Charles VIII died. King Francois I was born and raised at Château of Amboise and Leonardo da Vinci is rumored to be buried in nearby Clos Lucé where he lived  in his final days.

Château of Clos Lucé
The smaller château of Amboise is where Leonardo da Vinci spent his last days working on theories and inventions. In 1516 da Vinci was invited by King Francois I to use the property as his living and working space. Today the space is dedicated to da Vinci’s theories.

Château of Cheverny
This elaborate château has been open to the public since 1914 and was one of the first family estates to open to tourists. The family who owns Château of Cheverny still live in a blocked off section of the main building with about two-thirds left open for tourists to view. Guests are treated to luxurious interiors, stunning gardens and even a pack of hounds for hunting. Make time to try the wine tasting experience at Maison des Vins de Cheverny located right next door. They serve excellent wine using cool wine distribution technology.

Domain of Chambord
In 1519, King Francis I began building Chambord as a display of French power and artistic genius. With a unique double spiral staircase inspired by the designs of Leonardo da Vinci, the massive castle has been granted UNESCO world heritage status. One of the most unique Renaissance structures in the world, the architecture pairs medieval French with Italian Renaissance.

Château de Villandry
The gardens at Château de Villandry will leave you in awe. They are the quintessential castle gardens with six sections including the decorative vegetable garden; the ornamental rooms — configured to spark discussions on love, music and religion; the water garden; the herb garden and the maze. Enjoy the brand new sun garden featuring a pond in the shape of the sun, eight-point star and beds of orange perennials. Inside the castle are gorgeous rooms, clever nooks and crannies, all leading up to a magnificent 15th century Mudejar style room with a ceiling made of 3600 pieces of wood.


Loire Dining

Bistrot de la Tranchée
103 Avenue de la Tranchée
37100 Tours
Tel : +33 2 47 41 09 08

Pâtisserie Bigot
2 Rue nationale
37400 Amboise
Tel : +33 2 47 57 04 46

Monument Café
Place St Louis
41250 Chambord

Les Archives
14 rue Edouard Grimaux
86000 Poitiers
Tel : +33 5 49 30 53 00

Le Terminus
3 place de la gare
16000 Angoulême
Tel: +33 5 45 95 27 13


Château de Perreux
Château de Perreux

Where to Stay

Château du Breuil
This beautiful, relaxing château is a favorite for fine dining. After a day of sightseeing, an evening of terrific wine and fantastic food is just what’s needed.  Château du Breuil does not disappoint. This is a great place for corporate events or weddings.
Château du Breuil
23 Route de Fougère
41700 Cheverny
Tel: +33 2 54 44 20 20
www.chateau-hotel- du-breuil.com

Château de Perreux
A truly unique château, Château de Perreux is hidden away in the majestic beauty of the Loire Valley woodlands. The food and beverage program is magnificent and the on-site chef, Michelin star winner, Ludovic Laurenty stocks his kitchen with the best ingredients of the region.
Château de Perreux
36 Route de Pocé
37530 Nazelles-Negron
Tel : +33 2 47 57 27 47

Getting There

Air France flies direct from Los Angeles to Paris. From Paris take RailEurope one hour on the high speed train to the Loire Valley. It is easy to get around by taxi, rental car or public transport.


Where to Stay in Paris

Hilton Paris Opera was recently renovated and is spectacular. Located in the heart of the Champs-Élysées district.

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