So, you want to reach a demographic of travel enthusiasts who have incredible taste in what’s hot on LAX Magazine? Congratulations!

Online Advertising:
Advertise online with us and you can get your business, restaurant, product or service in front of the right people. We offer sidebar ads and sponsorship positions that show up on every pageview at very reasonable rates. We also run text or graphic ads within particular articles that are related to your product or service, within or right next to the article’s content.

Print Advertising:
We offer quarter, half and full page ads that can easily fit your budget. The magazine is a high quality, full color magazine and each issue covers a variety of topics such as: travel, local hotels, restaurants, attractions as well as fashion, beauty, automotive, green trends – really all topics that affluent Angelenos care about. LAX Magazine is the in-terminal magazine at Los Angeles International Airport and are distributed throughout the terminals and first class lounges. As the top Origin and Destination airport in the world, with over 74 million passengers per year, LAX serves as the global gateway to a modern Los Angeles.

Graphic Design:
Need help with ad design? We might be able to assist there too. If you have your own ads or a graphic designer, we can provide ad size details for the many standard ad sizes we support. Contact us at for all the juicy and enticing details. We look forward to providing you with great exposure on LAX Magazine!

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