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Burke Williams

Burke Williams

Santa Monica Wet Room

Santa Monica Wet Room

For the past 30 years, Burke Williams has been providing outstanding spa experiences throughout Southern California. Inspired by European day spas, Burke Williams offers a vast array of treatments that continue to evolve along with the changing needs of their clientele. If you need a spa day or just some time alone to reflect and rejuvenate then planning a day at Burke Williams is just the ticket.

Signature treatments include an Anti-Aging Facial, which uses regenerative technology through a custom blend of stem cells and illuminating concentrate. A unique combination of H2V R3 Transform and Matrixyl Peptides lifts, firms, brightens and evens the skins tone while repairing damage. During the facial, guests have the opportunity to consult with their esthetician to create a custom anti-aging moisturizer specifically for their skin type.

Another fabulous and creative treatment available to guests of Burke Williams is the enhancement that can be added to your massage. This massage technique is used to reverse the negative effects of forward posture by incorporates back bolstering, strategic pressure and therapeutic stretching into a relaxing full body massage. addresses prevalent issues from the stress of everyday life including head and shoulder forward posture, thoracic outlet syndrome and carpel tunnel syndrome. The service incorporates a back bolstering technique to work the shoulder girdle area, use of a therapeutic ball for shoulder and arm work, and a therapeutic wand as a way to enhance the stretching techniques used to open up the pectoral muscles and extend the front of the chest. This powerful combination of techniques target tensions in the neck, back and shoulders.

Burke Williams has nine locations throughout Northern and Southern California including Santa Monica, Hollywood, San Francisco and San José.  Each location offers the more typical massage therapies, body wraps, facials, manicures, pedicures, baths and other signature services – but each with the exclusive distinct style and service of Burke Williams.  A visit to Burke Williams will provide each guest with an exceptional treat!

Hair, Make Up & Style

Hair, Make Up & Style

Elisabeth Weinstock Store Man Cave

Elisabeth Weinstock Store Man Cave

Luxury accessories designer and native Angeleno Elisabeth Weinstock opened her first boutique in West Hollywood.

Formerly an interior designer, Weinstock dedicated three rooms of the 1,800-square- foot space to each of her collections and built in a “Dining Room” for hosting private events and dinner parties. The collection showcases include a “Living Room” for accessories and one-of-a-kind furniture pieces designed by Weinstock herself, a “Man Cave” filled with dopp kits, humidors, and Scotch and a “Boudoir” to house the designer’s jewelry box collection and premier bag line.

L.A. Christine No3 Berry Face Oil

L.A. Christine No3 Berry Face Oil

Awake Color Root Touch Up  from Jonathan will cover your roots until the next wash. This product will also give your hair texture, hide thinning hair and accentuate highlights. With its easy and quick application with retractable brush the loose mineral powder blends color naturally and helps give the illusion of thick full hair.

L.A. Christine No3 Berry Face Oil is enriched with a cocktail of potent antioxidants and vitamins. It’s a proprietary formula that includes raspberry, Brazilian Açai Berry and Scandinavian Lingonberry, a unique plant that only grows locally in the wild and is the new superfruit.

Dr.Hauschka Skin Care introduces the Limited Edition Spring 2013 Collection, a selection of cosmetics and tools comprised of three new limited-edition all-natural products and two new eyeshadow brushes. Designed with your eyes in mind, each product accentuates natural beauty by emphasizing the entire eye area, from lashes to lids.

Beauty + Fitness

Beauty + Fitness

China Herbal Advance Youth Recapture Serum 

This anti-aging treatment uses a combination of nine potent herbs and a new advanced extraction technology to deliver visible results quickly. The oil-free, acid-free, fragrance-free formula helps reclaim a youthful glow by reducing redness, calming rosacea, smoothing fine lines, minimizing enlarged pores, and providing a more even complexion.

Key ingredients include:
Ziziphus Jujuba (Chinese Jujube)
Anti-inflammatory agent used to reduce redness, swelling and irritation for delicate skin
Camellia Sinensis (Green Tea)
Provides anti-oxidant protection against free radical damage
Bambusa Tuldoides (Bamboo)
Easily absorbed to strengthen skin and restore elasticity
Panax Notoginseng (Ginseng)
Invigorating herbal treatment provides long term anti-aging properties

Cycle House

Cycle House

L.A.’s new celeb-favorite spin studio is not only a fantastic, full body workout that burns 600-1000 calories per class, but is also a philanthropic and green-minded business. Following a mantra that exercise should not only improve you, but also the world around you, Cycle House donates two meals (through non profit Feeding America) to feed the homeless for every class that is purchased. In addition, the studio follows a green-mindset; the studio is paperless, and does not sell plastic water bottles, but instead provides free access to alkaline filtered water. As if a philanthropic, green, and calorie-scorching workout experience is not unique enough, Cycle House hosts a Happy Hour House Ride every Friday night, in which customers enjoy complimentary low-calorie signature cocktails in the outdoor courtyard following a 50 minute spin class set exclusively to party house music. This, plus the ever-changing “rhythm ride” choreography used by Cycle House instructors guarantees that Cycle House is the most unique and effective spin workout that L.A. has to offer.

Lashfully Beverly Hills

Lashfully Turns 2!

Be envied with Lashfully’s luscious, flirty and red carpet ready lash extensions! The skilled and highly trained lash experts opened two locations in Southern California — Beverly Hills on Rodeo Drive and Newport Beach’s Crystal Cove.

Lashfully, an upscale San Francisco based beauty lounge has established itself as the Bay Area premiere salon for custom eyelash extensions, has now expanded to four locations across California. Stocked in over 70 types of lashes, extensions come in various lengths, thickness, and curvature to achieve the desired look for each client’s lifestyle, ranging from natural to dramatic. Lashfully’s lash artists skillfully design a personal style for their clients by carefully adhering one by one individual semi permanent extensions — 70 to 100 lashes per eye.

“Lash extensions are a great way to get an instantaneously beautiful and natural look”, said Co-Owner Liv Contreras. Lashfully’s mission is to provide a relaxing space for women to sip on cocktails, catch up with friends and get glam! “Personal attention is important to us”, said Co-Owner, Matana LePlae, “a visit to Lashfully should feel as if you’re spending time in a friend’s living room.” 





HIPSWAP.COM CONNECTS BUYERS AND SELLERS IN A CURATED MARKETPLACE is a mobile and web marketplace that offers delivery service locally in Los Angeles. HipSwap features the curated collections of celebrities, style influencers, tastemakers and neighborhoods. The new website and mobile app (iPhone/Android) are a beautifully curated way to shop locally and sell items in three easy steps. And HipSwap enables people to discover what’s inside the most fabulous closets, homes, and shops in neighborhoods and cities across America.

HipSwap has already accumulated thousands of users and thousands of curated items in its inventory since releasing in Beta in November 2011 in Los Angeles. HipSwap connects buyers and sellers locally in more than 12 cities including Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Austin, Washington D.C. and Atlanta.

“HipSwap combines the power of local commerce, with the shopping experience of Zappos and the beauty of Pinterest,” says co-founder Rob Kramer. ““And HipSwap enables any person, merchant, stylist, artist, celebrity or designer to quickly and beautifully showcase their products and shop the closets, homes and stores in neighborhoods across America.” Kyle Richards and Jillian Barbarie Reynolds have already been featured.

Posting items on HipSwap is easy. Users take a photo using the HipSwap iPhone or Android app or upload a photo using the HipSwap web app. They price the item, title it, and post it into the marketplace. Within seconds people are selling to each other in neighborhoods and cities across America.

Ona Spa

Ona Spa


The wet room at Ona Spa

Located in the heart of it all at Beverly and Martell sits cutting edge Ona Spa where they offer innovative treatments such as organic customized spray tan and body polish treatments. We tried the Beauty Scalp Balance which is finished off with a fantastic blow-out at hot shot salon, Privé.

Beauty Scalp Balance

The treatment starts at Ona Spa, conveniently located above Privé Salon. The oils, made with antioxidants moringa, acai, and pomegranate in a base of Jojoba oil, are applied to the scalp and hair followed by a thorough and soothing scalp massage using authentic Indian friction techniques that get the blood flowing, relieve stress, and open your crown Chakra.  Hot towels are wrapped around the head to allow the oils to penetrate the hair cuticle while you indulge in a luscious mini hand and foot massage along with a hot stone shoulder and neck massage. This treatment will leave your hair feeling softer and looking shinier than ever.  Privé Salon takes over to finish off the experience with ten minutes under the dryer to seal oil absorption, followed by a luxurious shampoo and blowout by one of Privé’s talented and experienced stylists. 90 mins, $130. n

7373 Beverly Boulevard  Los Angeles, California 90036


“Even if it‘s a brilliant insight, it’s not worth your freedom.”

“Even if it‘s a brilliant insight, it’s not worth your freedom.”

When Lama Michael Conklin spoke these words at a 3-day meditation retreat at Cloud Mountain, I knew I was in for a strange, new experience. My first thought was, “What the hell does abandoning brilliant insights have to do with freedom?” Mind you, this was a 3-day SILENT meditation retreat, and I’m an extravert. I was already uncomfortable, and this stranger was suggesting I give up my brilliant insights for a crack at freedom. But I was determined to power through this retreat and soak up every bit of wisdom I could possibly absorb.  And, so I did.

For three days, with my fellow yogis, I woke at 5AM and stumbled into the meditation hall, bowed toward the Buddha alter and settled onto my cushion for morning practice. We practiced meditation four more times throughout the day. I was silent, and I respected the silent space of my fellow yogis, even during mealtime. I attended all three dharma talks and took copious notes. Being a night owl, it was hard to bed down at 8PM, but I did this knowing the clear-sounding meditation bell would wake us at 5AM to do it all again.

There are many false notions about what meditation is. Some think it’s analyzing and reviewing daily life. Others think it’s a time to ponder the future. Still others think it’s a time for the mind to go completely blank or “Zen out.”

Yet, what I’m beginning to understand is meditation is about recognizing the attachment we all have to emotions, ideas and situations which take us away from the present moment.  For example, my life would be perfect if only: I had a new road bike, bikini body or PhD. These attachments are simply constructs of the mind; quite literally, they do not exist. Still, these constructs are fiercely powerful and are often at the heart of human suffering. They lead us away from the present, including potential joy.

Generally, humans think happiness and suffering come from external circumstances. We are jumpy, fearful beings, and we constantly try to organize our lives in order to experience happiness and avoid suffering. But this rarely works. Why? Happiness and suffering do not fundamentally depend on external circumstances but on the mind. A negative mental attitude creates suffering, while a positive mental attitude engenders joy.

Lama Conklin’s quote was advice to be heeded during meditation. In order to fully understand it, I recommend you sit quietly for just 5 minutes and pay attention to the myriad thoughts, feelings and desires, both negative and positive, that arise in your mind. In seconds, our busy minds can take us from being comfortable in our living room — to revisiting a disappointing work presentation or a fond childhood memory — to a desire that we would rather be riding a motorcycle through India. It’s serious brainpower. Why not harness it for the betterment of yourself, and others?

Meditation is the tool for this. Through meditating with even mild dedication, the glimpses of true joy I experience are reason enough to continue exploring the practice. Along with my negative and positive thoughts, I’m learning to let go of my brilliant insights during meditation practice. It feels good to realize freedom is the better ride — and it can belong to us all.


Sydney Evans

Sydney Evans

This summer, from Montauk to Malibu, the Sydney Evan fine-meets-fashion jewelry collection of stackable bracelets and layer-able diamond charms including sea horses, anchors, sailboats and more are making waves from coast to coast.  This beach-chic collection offers the perfect mix of luxury and wear-ability that can be piled on or worn alone. Sydney Evan is available at high-end stores nationwide and online.

We love Josè Eber

We love Josè Eber

Beautiful Josè Eber salon in Beverly Hills

Ingrained in the hair and beauty industries for more than three decades renowned hairstylist and entrepreneur Josè Eber has continued to be a leading authority and influential in his field.  With a trademark beauty philosophy which has led to thousands of extraordinary transformations for men and women all over the globe and some of history’s most famous hairstyles, Josè Eber’s unwavering vision and longstanding commitment to “making every client feel beautiful and comfortable within” is just one of the qualities that has led to his long term success.

Born and raised in the South of France, Josè Eber launched his career at one of Paris’s most esteemed salons. Even from the beginning the visionary designer planned to conquer the beauty industry. When he visited Los Angeles while on a holiday, Josè immediately fell in love with the city. “I felt that I was home.” And nine months later Josè Eber arrived to permanently immerse himself in — and change the face of — American hair culture.

Shortly thereafter he opened his Beverly Hills Flagship Salon, which was much more than a place to get your hair done. A pioneer in the urban retreat concept Josè offered guests the most advanced hair and beauty services available in a relaxing, elegant, and comfortable setting.  On any given day his salon was filled with celebrities, socialites, and international jetsetters. All of who got to experience Josè and his expert team of stylists’ and colorists’ artistry. Josè has also been an instrumental force in several Hollywood looks that defined an era and are classic and timeless today.

Josè Eber continues to conquer the hair industry and salon experience. After two decades on Rodeo Drive Josè had an opportunity to change locations to the freestanding former home of Christie’s Auction House at 360 North Camden Drive. The whimsical space is a mixture of “Old world Parisian style with an updated twist.” He continues, “When I originally met with my designer Waldo Fernandez I was a bit shy about going bold with the space.” Waldo expressed to me, “Celebrate your career, clientele, and your team.”

Dramatically high ceilings, striking purple lacquer doors and furniture accents, luminous lighting around each of the iron hand-crafted stations, colorful collages by artist Terence Lawlor, an impressive and inviting entryway with a mirrored welcome desk, and movable partitions that provides a bit of privacy for guests who request it are just a few of the many defining and exquisite features of the salon. Josè and his expert team of stylists and colorists will meet and exceed the needs of its clientele, all within a relaxed and luxurious environment. Continuing with Josè’s vision of the urban day retreat, guests will also have an array of exceptional beauty services including a Medi-spa, premium make-up services, a private suite, laser and facial procedures, and more. “I wanted to create the ultimate beauty experience for men and women.”

Josè Eber continues to be a dominant influence and authority in the hair and beauty industry and has no plans to slow down anytime soon.  From the beginning of his impressive career to today Jose Eber’s primary goal, and the reason for his longevity in a business that tends to see stylists come and go is the genuine desire to make each person he or one of his staff touches look and feel beautiful and being truly hands on in everything he touches. “Making people look and feel beautiful is truly a gift that keeps on giving.”

Resilient Stem Cell Regenerating Treatment

Dermelect for Beauty!

Resilient Stem Cell Regenerating Treatment

Dermelect Cosmeceuticals offers some travel-friendly and rejuvenating skincare products to pack for your spring break trip.  Whether you plan to hit the sand or the slopes, keeping your skin moisturized is key. The Resilient Stem Cell Regenerating Treatment is a rich facial cream that helps reverse free radical damage by stimulating stem cell production. Or, if you suffer from too much moisture after a day in the sun, the Pore Revolution & T-Zone Mattifier diminishes pores and instantly controls shine — and it easily fits in your pocket or the palm of your hand!



Hair removal expert and licensed esthetician Katherine Goldman has opened her shoppe at the new location right in our own neighborhood. Stript Wax Bar, on West 3rd Street is a salon that is dedicated to the art of waxing. They specialize in one thing, and one thing only — waxing. Katherine has 10 years of experience under her belt and has the formula for making an uncomfortable experience a bit more tolerable. There is no need for an appointment. Just drop in, have a glass of vino, and be back to the beach in no time. Both men and women are welcome.
With the help of designers, Claire Campbell and Renee Silvester, Katherine chose to go with a Modern Boudoir design for the salon, with violeta, silver and black being the main color scheme. This striking look is complimented with mirrored furniture and textured wallpaper, creating a sophisticated and chic feel that is welcoming to both female and male clientele. The salon is equipped with six treatment rooms, offering a private setting for more intimate waxing services, while the front of the salon features a wax bar where Stript L.A. estheticians sculpt the perfect brow.
The Stript Wax Bar is definitely a salon with a big future. Offering the most cutting edge waxing services, Stript L.A. will soon be a must-stop on every Angeleno’s beauty list.
Here’s a little sneak peek on what is offered at Stript’s new L.A. location:
• The Vajacial – This buzzed-about four-step “facial” for your va-ja-jay zone tidies up any ingrown hairs and calms or averts any potential irritation and discoloration around the bikini area.
• Depilar System Permanent Hair Removal – The newest permanent hair removal option (featured in InStyle), Depilar is an enzyme-based treatment performed immediately after waxing to destroy hair follicles and is more effective and less expensive than costly laser, IPL and electrolysis treatments!
• CryBaby™ Semi-Permanent Mascara – A new favorite of Allure’s beauty editors, CryBaby™ semi-permanent mascara treatments curl, lengthen and thicken lashes while remaining waterproof, smudge-proof and clump-free for up to three weeks, revolutionizing the way women think about mascara.
• Vanitymark Brow Bar – Get red carpet-worthy brows from celebrity makeup artist and brow expert Brett Freedman, who will be personally training all of Stript’s staff and making a guest appearance once a month to tame and style your brows. The Brow Bar will use Brett’s Vanitymark products, as well as Katherine’s own mineral makeup line, Prissy Minerals.

8218 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Uncompressed, Unlocked, UNCOMMON – Cypher Labs

Uncompressed, Unlocked, UNCOMMON – Cypher Labs

The Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo streams bit-perfect digital audio from Apple iPad™, iPhone® or iPod® devices to headphone amplifiers and powered speakers using Apple USB Audio for superior audio quality.

Why do you need it? Simply, it makes the music sound so much better! Even audio novices can hear the difference right away. If you already have a home stereo amplifier or better yet, a portable headphone amplifier, combining it with the AlgoRhythm Solo will deliver the music you’ve been missing.

The AlgoRhythm solo is made for portability. Now it is possible to have desktop quality audio wherever you go: train, bus, plane, office or home.

How does it work? Currently, Apple iPad™, iPhone® or iPod® deliver compressed analog audio, whether from the headphone output or analog line out. Even playing a high quality track results in down-sampling. The AlgoRhythm Solo uses advanced digital processing and a reference grade digital to analog converter to provide audio at the highest resolution the Apple devices are capable of producing.

Cypher Labs ( operates with a mission to unlock an unsurpassed listening experience for the portable audio customer. Headquartered in Lake Oswego, Ore., the company’s products are designed to the highest standards, with state-of-the-art processing chips, digital-to-analog converters, analog output stages, and audiophile-grade components throughout. The AlgoRhythm Series consists of quality portable audio products designed to release the high resolution features of the most popular digital music players available today. Along with unrivaled sound quality and cutting-edge features, Cypher Labs products also boast durable and stylish construction — reinventing the art of sound.

Priced at $579

Fashion Night Out – September 8

Fashion Night Out – September 8

Junk Food Clothing Opens Pop Up Shop at Westfield Center- September 8 from 6-10 pm

The special Pop Up Shop will be placed at the end of the red carpet where attendees will have the chance to experience a full-on shopping experience, with live custom screen printing (courtesy of Family Industries Printing Company) and purchase their Junk Food tees for a discounted rate of $20 with proceeds donated to FIDM Museum and Galleries Foundation. Mayor Villaraigosa is scheduled to make a special appearance at 7 p.m. to help kick-off the evening’s festivities, which include a high-end fashion show hosted by LL Cool J featuring the latest collections from retailers throughout the center. Runway “models” include The Secret Life of an American Teenager’s Francia Raisa and Dancing with the Stars’ Peta Murgatroyd, Million Dollar Listing’s Josh Altman, and The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Dana Wilkey. To further celebrate Fashion’s Night Out, Westfield Mall is hosting a “Blogger Happy Hour” where bloggers will chat about customizing their Junk Food tee. To complete the night, Westfield Mall will host an after party with celebrities and VIPs. Please rsvp to

VINCE – 112 S. Robertson Blvd. – September, 8th – 6 -10 pm

Enjoy complimentary Lip Treatments and Manicures as well as personal consultation with Liza Adams.

Curve – 154 N. Robertson – Los Angeles,CA, September 8, 2011 / 8pm – 11pm

During this year’s Fashion’s Night Out, Curve invites shoppers to make a difference with their purchases. In honor of the evening, Curve has partnered with the renowned charitable foundation Falling Whistles.  For every item purchased during the event, Curve will donate a portion of the proceeds to the campaign that seeks to bring peace to the Democratic Republic of Congo(D.R.C.). In addition, attendees will get an exclusive sneak peak at the Falling Whistles collaboration with jewelry designer DANNIJO.  Prices range from $34 to $104 for the whistles.

Fred Segal Santa Monica -500 Broadway Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401 – 8 – 10 pm

Celebrate the style-centric, shopping extravaganza.  Embrace the spirit of the retail block party and check out the shocase the hottest items for fall!  All are welcomed who love fahion and want to experience the essence of Fred Segal Santa Monica.  Music by DJ Chris Kennedy, Catering by Stout and pop-up Tattoo Shop by Black Banditz.

Beverly Center – September 8, 5 – 8 pm

Angeleno Magazine, Fashion Shows, Celebrities, Events, Promotions, Music and More

Live on Sunset – 8801 West Sunset Blvd. – 7pm – 10pm

Celebrate you love of fashion!  Get style tips from the designers while shopping their latest collection.  Enjoy fall fashion, champagne and sweet treats!

JGerard Studio – 8568 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, CA – September 8, 2011 ● Starting at 6:00pm

No other stores like this in LA.  If you are a Cher fan come celebrate your love and passion for fashion on September 8th. From Milan to New York and right here in West Hollywood, the third annual Fashion’s Night Out after hours shopping extravaganza is set!

Take advantage of special prices on your favorite JGerard designs while enjoying divine dishes from Kogi BBQ & Sea Birds food trucks parked right outside our door and Dama Tequila will be making their famous strawberry margaritas as well. We’ll be serving up good vibes, great music, cocktails and cool people for you to mingle with.

Saks Men’s Store – 1634 Wilshire Blvd., 3rd Floor, Beverly Hills, CA – 6 – 10 pm

Please join Saks Fifth Avenue and GQ Magazine and 10% of all sales will go to St. Vincent Meals on Wheels.

Earnest Sewn Malibu Store – Malibu Country Mart – September 8th, 6 – 10 pm

Lyst + Satine Label Fashion’s Night Out w/ Cobra Society -Satine Boutique, 3184 w 3rd St. – September 8th – 6-11pm.

Los Angeles’s famed style mecca Satine Boutique teams up with a digital style mecca, fashion discovery website, for Fashion’s Night Out. Guests will enjoy cocktails, hors d’oeuvres, music and 20% off Satine’s Private Label and a chance to showcase their style skills on Lyst for a chance to win some seriously chic prizes from Satine and Cobra Society.

L’OCCITANE Century City – 10250 Santa Monica Blvd., Space #114, Los Angeles, CA

L’OCCITANE Beverly Center – 8500 Beverly Blvd., #676, Los Angeles, CA

Thursday, September 8, 2011; 6pm –9pm

Celebrate Fashion’s Night Out in Provençal style at L’OCCITANE’s Century City and Beverly Center boutiques. Both locations promise to transport California fashionistas to the south of France. Vive la France with these Provençal perks:

  • · An exclusive preview of the NEW improved Immortelle Precious Skincare line
  • · Special Gift with any Immortelle moisturizer and one other full size skincare product purchase
  • · Complimentary hand massages to relieve overburdened arms carrying shopping bags
  • · Refreshments

Fashion Week – AFINGO

Fashions Night Out kicks off the 2011 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week this Thursday, September 8. Look for AFINGO’s coverage of shows, parties, and events throughout the week, including the exclusive Spring 2012 presentation of Astrophel + Stella. Check daily for photo slideshows and recaps highlighting the best New York Fashion week has to offer. We will be Tweeting, blogging, and updating our site live from the belly of the fashion beast here in New York.

South Coast Plaza -

Join more than 100 boutiques at South Coast Plaza for exciting fashion shows, cocktails, DJs, special designs, gifts, discounts and more. Fashion’s Night Out, a global shopping extravaganza, is the hottest night of the year. Fashion fans will not want to miss this unforgettable evening that includes a red carpet photo booth and chance to win $1,000 South Coast Plaza gift certificate.

…and more:

3rd Annual Fashion’s Night Out – PLUS Model Magazine Celebrates FNO with Lane Bryant

NEW YORK — PLUS Model Magazine (PMM), the #1 plus size fashion magazine, partners with Lane Bryant(R), the nation’s leading women’s curvy apparel retailer, to help celebrate the third annual Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) sponsored by VOGUE, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and the City of New York.


Fashion Night Out – Michael Reslan Atelier, Penthouse Floor 15, 689 5th Ave. – September 8, 7 – 10 pm

We cordially invite you to the launch of the Mobiado Grand Touch & Grand 350 Aston Martin
The New York launch and first viewing will be held in the Michael Reslan Atelier

By invitation only: Please RSVPS: Cecilia Pelloux – / Ali Reslan –, 917 214 2301 / 212 207 9207

Think Yourself THIN!

Think Yourself THIN!

Spend a minute to take stock of just how many diets you have been on in the last five years. Then consider why one worked better than another.  It’s a good bet that you remember success at a time when it was so important for you to shape up that you made a very strong emotional commitment to changing your relationship to food. Your thinking process changed. It was more important to drop the pounds because there was a clear focus on some idea. Hunger did not make you cave in. Maybe the idea was to initiate a new life chapter, a new special relationship or a new physical image. But, the weight loss was directly connected to your positive thinking.

Before you jump on the latest craze diet, understand that you will need to start with a long hard look at what is going on in your head.  The difficult questions need solid answers. You can’t change your relationship with food unless you acknowledge how it is. Be self reflective.  If you are truly ready to embark on what we all know is a challenging path, you need to be mentally strong.  If you can say outloud that you are ready “heart and soul” to handle change and that the sacrifice is worth the result, then go for it.You have to THINK YOURSELF into the new you.
There are a few important hint to consider.

Be prepared for those moments when you are vulnerable and needing comfort.  The old you would want comfort foods like potato chips or ice cream. The evolving you is ready with a substitute item like carrots and a pep talk that reaffirms your resolve to make it through.
Drink lots of water. You already know that it’s good for you and that it can make you forget that you feel like eating something you shouldn’t.  Even a small glass of water before you enter the kitchen to prepare a meal can “buy time” so you really evaluate your choices and hopefully make the right selections.

Rid your house of empty calorie foods.  Throw out all the items that may tempt you to undermine yourself. Shop after a very healthy meal and load up on the legal items. Fresh fruits and vegetables should be the number one category.

Do not discuss your diet.  Replace those conversations with any other topic.  Keep your diet agenda as a solid promise to yourself to initiate and support the changes you seek.  Self talk is an exceedingly strong tool.  Focus on the day when your friends will compliment you and how great that will make you feel.

Thinking Yourself Thin ….is how you succeeded in the past.  You just didn’t know it.

Barry’s Bootcamp: It hurts to be beautiful

Barry’s Bootcamp: It hurts to be beautiful

Summer is here… but it is NOT too late to get on track to get that physique you once had in your twenties, or maybe just dreamed of. The idea behind Barry’s Bootcamp is not to scream and yell at you like a Marine drill sergeant but to continually “shock” the body with an ever-changing combination of calorie-burning cardio with strength training. This workout takes place in a nightclub party environment with dim lights and bumping beats creating a highly energetic atmosphere that is hard to resist (no booze- sorry). This is the most efficient and effective way to improve your cardiovascular system, lose weight, build muscle and maintain an exercise routine. The endless variety of exercises and instructor styles insures that no two classes are the same, and that every class feels new and exciting. And did I mention it’s a BLAST?

Barry’s Bootcamp attracts individuals who are bored with their current routine and looking for ways to spice it up. All Barry’s Bootcamp classes are one hour, and each class includes 30 minutes of interval cardiovascular routines on the treadmills and 30 minutes of strength training using free weights and other equipment. The floor work focuses on a different major muscle group each (Monday: Arms and Abs, Tuesday: Legs and Butt, Wednesday: Chest and Abs, Thursday: Shoulders and Back, Friday-Sunday: Full Body). From Newbies to chiseled athletes, youngsters to grandmas/grandpas, regardless of athletic ability, all attend the same class. The instructor advises the class as a whole, yet the individual controls the level of intensity per their individual ability. All clients will be encouraged, rather than embarrassed, to take it to the next level.

The trainers at Barry’s Bootcamp are hand selected through a vigorous process of resume qualification, interview(s), then audition in order to insure the right level of expertise and personality.  Only the best are hired in order to represent Barry’s Bootcamp in the right light. I can attest, these instructors are professional, educated, helpful, very approachable and… easy-on-the-eyes. This is not a listed strategy on their website, but man, it helps to have a hotty cracking the whip providing a constant reminder that if you want to be beautiful in a bikini this summer, it is gonna hurt.
6 locations: West Hollywood, Sherman Oaks, San Diego, Irvine, New York City & Bergen, Norway  Best of all, purchased classes never expire and there’s no minimum package. You can buy one class or as many as you please.

BucketFeet = HappyFeet

BucketFeet = HappyFeet

BucketFeet are lightweight, unisex, and super comfortable.

BucketFeet, the recently launched shoe company, is not only raising funds for children’s charities, but has also become the “go to” shoe for travelers. The easy to wear, slip ons are wildly popular for those who find themselves frequently going through airport security. The limited edition shoes are quickly selling out!

BucketFeet exemplifies individuality and confidence. Not only are BucketFeet lightweight, unisex, and super comfortable, but the one-of-a-kind designs fit any personality and are sure to get you noticed. Their mission is to bring you the most original, colorful shoes you’ve ever seen!

BucketFeet is wearable art that aims to mesh awesome shoes and up-and-coming global artists to bring attention to the arts and help kids worldwide. They want to inspire people to broaden their horizons and see the world as they have seen it. Each consumer can buy one, give some and “get involved” with change, one step at a time.

These are “Must Have” shoes for travelers! See the full collection on